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How to exercise fast to lose weight?

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How to exercise fast to lose weight?

   jump back and forth

   focuses on training the leg muscles. This movement is basically a warm-up movement in HIIT. Do 30 seconds with breathing

  push ups

   A common movement in HIIT, while exercising the arm muscles, it also stimulates the core muscles of the waist and abdomen. Do it with breathing for 30 seconds.


   High-intensity leg abuse exercises, the main point of self-weight squats is that when squatting, the thighs should be parallel to the ground, the knees should not exceed the toes (to avoid knee injuries), and breathe for 30 seconds. People with strong abilities can squat with weights, which means they can hold two dumbbells in their hands.

   Poppy jump

   The more difficult movements in HIIT combine push-ups, squats, squats and jumps to activate 70% of the body's muscles. To put it simply, do the normal push-ups before taking off. This action consumes the most energy. Do it with breathing for 30 seconds.

   plank support

   The world-recognized exercise for training the core muscle groups, the main point of the action is that the body must be stretched straight, and in a horizontal line, and it can be held for 30 seconds. This action can also be practiced alone. The longer it takes, the better. It is said that the world record is more than 4 hours.

   hip bridge

   The effect of hip training is excellent, and the waist can also be exercised. Studies have shown that patients with lumbar disc herniation can also play a role in recovery treatment. Just keep breathing for 30 seconds.

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