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The most effective 15-day rapid detoxification method for weight loss

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The most effective 15-day rapid detoxification method for Weight loss

   1. Eat more whole grains and fruit detox method

   When it comes to losing weight fast, many people choose to go on a hunger strike and take a variety of unreliable weight-loss drugs. In fact, if you want to lose weight successfully, the first step is to detoxify. Only when the toxins in the body are discharged can you lose weight successfully. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more whole grains and fruits at the beginning to promote bowel movements, prevent constipation, and excrete waste and toxins. When our body is rejuvenated, we will also look beautiful! Soy milk, vegetables, fruits, green tea, water must be accompanied every day, coarse grains (beans, corn, millet, etc.), white fungus, black fungus, mushrooms, honey, sesame , Red dates, chrysanthemum, kelp, wolfberry and bone soup should be eaten often. These are good things that are both nutritious and detoxifying.

  2, natural lemonade detox method

  Lemon is really a good thing. MMs can get a big glass of lemonade on an empty stomach every morning. This method is simple and practical. It can detoxify, help lose weight, and prevent colds, but you must stick to it to be effective! Lemonade can eliminate harmful substances in the body, whiten, detox, and cleanse the intestines. It can also quench thirst and diminish thoughts. The desire to eat does not require a special diet, it kills two birds with one stone.

  3, fasting and detoxification

Do you think that you are very hygienic and that everything you eat is clean? Actually, toxins are everywhere, pollutants in water sources, pesticide residues in vegetables, and we eat too many preservatives, chemicals, and pigments. Wait. So if you want to detox, it is very effective to choose one or two days a week as fasting days. At this time, the body does not get food, it will reduce the burden on various organs, but you must add enough water. This requires super perseverance, see if you can persist.

  4, green juice detoxification method

   Green juice detox method is used by many Japanese and Taiwanese artists, and many women choose to drink green juice freely. The so-called green juice is to squeeze the young barley leaves/wheat seedlings into juice or buy ready-made barley young leaves green juice to drink. It can detoxify the intestines, improve constipation, and resist radiation because it contains a lot of dietary fiber. Persevere for a while, the whole person will feel refreshed.

   5. Brown sugar detox method

  Here is an introduction to the facial detox scrub that can be made with brown sugar and honey, which can immediately give you a rosy and healthy complexion!

   1. Pour about a teaspoon of brown sugar into a mixing bowl.

  2. Pour in honey three times the amount of brown sugar. If your skin is delicate, you can add more honey.

  3. Stir evenly, let it settle for five minutes.

Finish: The top layer of honey with brown sugar is a good detoxifying and revitalizing scrub! Apply it on the wet face and gently massage and then rinse off. It can whiten the skin and exfoliate, and it can also thin the face while massaging the face. , It really kills two birds with one stone.

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