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How can students quickly stovepipe the most effective?

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How can students lose weight quickly?

   One, squat forward

  1) Stand naturally, open your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, the soles of your feet are outward, and your knees are bent over your toes;

   2) Keep your back straight, straighten your chest and close your abdomen;

  3) Keep the previous two positions, walk forward one step at a time, and try to stride as long as possible. After 20 steps, you can turn around and walk back to the original point;

  4) Keep moving around until the feet are sore.

   squatting forward this movement is beneficial to exercise the muscles of the inner thigh and buttocks, making the muscles firmer.

   Editor's suggestion: When doing this action, it is recommended to choose a relatively open place, there is enough space to increase the forward distance, the exercise effect is stronger.

  Second, hold the ball and raise the leg

  1) Stand naturally, hold the ball with your right hand, and raise your left hand to be parallel to your shoulder;

  2) Lift your right foot off the ground to the right, keep your balance, straighten your chest and abdomen, and raise it until you can't get any higher; then put your leg down without touching the ground. Remember to keep your center of gravity and keep your balance.

  3) Repeat the right leg 10 times;

  4) Hold the ball with the left hand and repeat the movement of the right leg above;

  5) Do 10 reps for each of the left and right legs, and practice 2 times;

   This exercise helps to exercise the balance between the legs and the center of gravity.

   Three, leg balance

   1) Stand naturally and put your hands on the bench;

  2) Raise the right leg to the right, keeping the leg straight, then lower the right leg, do not touch the ground; change to the other side and raise the left leg;

  3) Keep your balance and don't swing your legs up and down;

  4) Repeat 25 times on each side.

   After practicing for a period of time, it is recommended to increase the difficulty.

  A, add a 10-pound weight on the raised leg to increase the strength under the leg;

   B. Pull the chair used to maintain balance to maintain a certain balance, which can effectively enhance the sense of balance.

   This group of exercises can effectively eliminate fat on the inner and outer thighs, and make the leg muscles firmer.

   Four, fitness ball

   1) Place a wooden board on the ground, with your palms flat on the board, and your face facing the floor. Prop up your body, put your legs on the exercise ball, bend your arms, and tuck your abdomen to keep your back in a straight line.

   2) After the body is balanced, raise the right leg about 50 cm high, and then let it down naturally, without touching the ball, raise the right leg again;

   3) Do 10-15 strokes on each of the left and right legs.

  Round fitness balls can increase the difficulty of maintaining balance in the legs and effectively train the center of balance. When training, the muscles relax and relax, which can effectively accelerate the burning of fat and quickly lose weight. Because you always support your body with your arms during exercise, you can also indirectly exercise your arms and shake off the meat.

   Five, squat and raise your legs

   1) Stand naturally, with your back against the exercise ball and close to the wall;

   2) Stretch out your arm forward, choose a contact point, and walk straight forward;

  3) Extend the right leg forward, in a raised horizontal position, as parallel to the ground as possible;

  4) The knee of the left leg is slightly bent, and the heel and toes are off the ground. Elevating the toes makes the instep and the calf form a right angle, so that the muscles of the thigh and buttocks can be better exercised. Then slowly descend into a sitting position. With a fitness ball as a support, slowly raise your left leg and squat;

  5) Slowly return to a natural standing posture;

  6) Do 10 reps for each of the left and right legs, and do 3 reps.

   Squatting and raising the legs can strengthen the muscles on the thighs and buttocks, make the lines of the thighs and buttocks smoother, can effectively reduce the excess fat of the thighs, and make the curvature of the buttocks more obvious.

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