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How to lose 20 pounds quickly in 10 days?

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How to lose weight 20 catties quickly in ten days?

   1. Cucumber and egg Weight loss principle

Cucumber is a very low-calorie food, but it contains a lot of water. Eating cucumber can replenish water for the body without increasing body calories. Eggs are rich in nutrients but not high in calories. In addition, egg yolk contains lecithin that can act as an emulsifier. These lecithins can emulsify fat cholesterol and turn it into very small particles, which are then discharged from the blood vessels.

  2, how to eat cucumber and egg

  The most important thing to use this fast Weight loss method is the first week. During this period of time, people who lose weight can only eat cucumbers and boiled eggs, and cannot eat other things. They can eat all-you-can-eat but cannot eat too much. After a week, the recipe can be slightly changed. In addition to eating cucumber and eggs, you can eat less boiled meat or vegetables. Be careful not to put oil, but after the afternoon, you can't eat these things. Only eat cucumber and eggs. . You can also eat some fruits, but do not eat bananas with higher calories.

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