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How to quickly achieve a one-week fast weight loss method?

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How to quickly achieve a one-week fast Weight loss method

   Get up in the morning with a glass of honey water or light salt water on an empty stomach. This must be persisted every day, especially for those with severe constipation.

   Eat a full breakfast, don’t skip breakfast just to lose weight. Breakfast soy milk, barley and red bean porridge (to remove moisture, invigorate the spleen)

   At noon, eat seventy percent full, eat lightly, fish, vegetables, and a small bowl of rice. Then in the afternoon, I will knock on my stomach, that is, take the pulse. Insist on pats 300 times a day.

   Eat five points full at night, and don’t eat after seven. If you are really hungry at night, replace it with fruit. Then I will do meridian exercises at night. Don't just knock on the whole body, insist 300 times. Soak your feet before going to bed. Go to bed at 10 o'clock. For people who often stay up late, it is more difficult to lose weight.

   Obesity is not only because of eating a lot, but also because of the inability to metabolize, the spleen and stomach are not in harmony, and it is difficult to digest. Therefore, in Chinese medicine, to lose weight, you must first adjust your physique. Once your physique is good, it is natural to lose weight. In fact, I rarely exercise during the Weight loss process, because my body is weak, and exercise makes me weaker. So it is more about conditioning the body. Then I slowly lost weight without knowing it. The weight has fallen, and the volume has fallen. Don't think that losing weight is just losing weight. It's to make others look like we are thinner. Therefore, weight loss actually reduces volume.

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