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How to lose belly quickly?

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How to lose belly fast?

First of all, you must adjust your diet. Don’t eat too much greasy and rich food, eat more vegetables, vegetables, and fruits, and remember the secret of eating less. In other words, make yourself a little taboo. Changes in food intake will affect the size of your stomach. Eat less meals, you can make your stomach gradually become smaller, and naturally you can achieve the effect of Weight loss.

   4 actions before going to bed can quickly help you get rid of excess fat on your belly.

   Action 1: Lie down on your back, bend your legs at a 90-degree angle, put your hands around your knees, straighten your arms, tighten your feet, and keep your neck tense.

   Action 2: Extend your arms and legs separately, and straighten them out as much as possible. Bring your legs together, stretch your arms in a figure-eight shape, and keep your hips tense for 30 seconds.

   Action 3: Retract your right leg and maintain a 90-degree angle with your upper body. At the same time, hug your leg with both hands, keep your feet tight, straighten your left leg, and keep your neck and shoulders tense.

   Efficacy: Eliminate the fat in the upper abdomen, and at the same time allow the body to be greatly stretched, and exercise the leg muscles.

   Action 4: Lift the body as far as possible and straighten the right leg to the top of the body, hold the ankle with both hands, tighten the foot, lay the left leg flat and straight, keep the hip and neck in a tense state.

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