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How to lose weight most effectively in winter?

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How to lose weight in winter is the most effective?

   1. To lose weight in winter, we must first strengthen our will

   In winter, there are scarves to wrap the necks that are not long enough, the hats to cover the big faces that are not delicate enough, the overcoats are not enough to cover the slender waist, the clothes are thick, and the threat of curves to them is weakened. Keeping fat under large clothes is a common mistake many people make.

Don’t wait for spring to be anxious. Experience tells you: the correct Weight loss will take 2 to 3 months to finally take effect. If you start to wake up the motor nerves that are going to hibernation now, then next spring, you will immediately appear glamorously. In front of everyone. Others will envy you for being slim, and you don't have to drink Weight loss pills for beautiful clothes and exercise frantically on all kinds of fitness equipment at that time.

   There are only two choices before your eyes: continue to hibernate, or wake up quickly. Those who choose the former have already been expelled from losing weight. Since ancient times, the "Tao is different and inconsistent" has been clearly demarcated, because it will be completely impossible to keep up until next year to participate in the weight-loss plan. Choosing the latter requires considerable determination, because the problem of losing weight becomes more difficult at this time.

  According to the long-term experience, it is necessary to take in 10% more fat in winter than in the past, so as to increase the body's calories and prevent the body from being weak and cold; to add enough oil to the skin to prevent the skin from drying out. Therefore, foods with high fat content cannot be completely rejected, and the dietary control methods are much softer;

   Now, the speed of fat synthesis is much faster than before. Now, the chance of getting fat after eating a cup of ice cream is 2 to 3 times that of autumn. A little indulgence of weight is madly long, and it is more difficult to control;

   Now, the rate of fat metabolism is 10% lower than that in the fall, so you used to burn 700 calories in 1 hour of running, and now you need to run for nearly 10 minutes to reach this goal.

   Therefore, you will find it very difficult, and often do not grasp the ratio of intake to consumption, fearing that you will fall down while shouting to lose weight, and in the end you will secretly inflate the swimming ring on your waist. Then, please adhere to your weight loss creed, put an end to the habit of lazy eating, and make a full list of fitness plans, so that excess fat has nowhere to hide.

   2. 8 habits to lose weight in winter

   1. Eat less and more meals

   Eat 5 times a day and eat less each time. Don't be afraid that others will say that you are a gluttonous cat. Irregular diet can turn yourself into a fat burning machine. Because the long-term standard time of eating will make the digestive system conditioned to enter the best working state immediately, and the absorption function of nutrients is very strong in this state. Therefore, in addition to the three main meals in the morning, afternoon and evening, you can add a meal in the morning, eat some yogurt and nuts, and eat some fruit or beef jerky in the afternoon. It is a snack to ensure that there will be no strong hunger during the meal, no Will overeat.

  2. Low card philosophy

   0.5 kg = 3500 calories. With the reference of the bmi value, you know how many calories you should consume in a day. The previous formula is to remind you of the low-calorie philosophy of ensuring meals. Don’t always eat freely. For every additional 3,500 calories, your weight may increase by 0.5 kg, and vice versa, if you consume less, you will lose 0.5 kg.

   3. Get up early and go to bed early

   8 hours of sleep is enough, falling asleep time between 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock in the evening can best ensure the quality of sleep. Develop this good habit to make you a hundred times more energetic throughout the day, and your motor cells can become active once mobilized. You can’t take the initiative to go to the gym if you look sluggish. At this time, you just want to sleep. It’s strange not to doze off on the sofa.

   4. Weigh in the morning and evening

   The weight is the most alert, and there is an electronic scale at the door, which is weighed when you go out and when you return home. The biggest advantage of electronic scales is that the numbers are accurate, accurate to the decimal point after kilograms. Limit your weight rise to only about 1 kg, otherwise you should reflect on whether you have eaten too much.

   5. Tie a belt

  Wearing low-rise pants is a fashion trend in recent years. Many trousers are not designed to wear a belt on the waistline, so many girls have not worn a belt for a long time, and gradually become fatter. The belt that can help the waist to work hard, exercise the abdominal muscles, and control gastroptosis, etc., must be picked up again, so that you can quickly feel the pressure of the stomach on the belt when eating, and remind yourself to stop eating. On the other hand, wearing a waist belt can maintain the waist line, so that fat will not stagnate here for a long time.

  6.1 hours of exercise

   Every day, no matter how busy I am, I have to spare a few hours to exercise. Climbing stairs, walking, standing and waiting for the bus, and going to the bathroom, you must cultivate your interest in sports and move the long-term stiff joints. In winter, vasoconstriction causes insufficient blood supply to the extremities, and often hands and feet are cold. The most immediate way to get rid of the cold is to exercise more, speed up blood circulation, make your face ruddy and warm your body. Standing on tiptoes, bending over, shrugging, and turning your neck, you can easily get rid of the pitiful look of shrinking hands and feet.

   7. Crazy entertainment

   Have fun while playing. Laughing or screaming is very exhausting. There is a new way to lose weight by using yoga to laugh. The best choices for winter entertainment are skiing and skating. The venue is empty, you can shout loudly, no one will give you cold eyes. If you are still the king of karaoke, then be a microphone carefully, interpret each song affectionately, adjust your breathing, you will find that the lower abdomen, chest muscles, and back are very tense. Singing a song is equivalent to doing a comprehensive physical training.

   8. Stay away from caffeine and nicotine

   Do not smoke, and do not consume too much caffeine content. Coffee, cola, strong tea, and alcohol should be controlled appropriately. The study of nutrition combined with kinesiology shows that a person's energy balance is between 300 and 500 calories to ensure a balance, and the maximum exercise effect will be obtained. These drinks, which are very irritating to the stomach, disrupt the normal working mechanism and affect the body's energy balance.

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