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5 simple yoga ways to lose weight

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5 simple yoga ways to lose weight

   Weight loss yoga method

   Stand-up bow yoga method to lose weight

Standing bow stretch yoga Weight loss action specifications: hold the back of the sofa with your hands, staring at the front line; bend the vital part of the right knee, even if the heel is close to the buttocks; hold the ankle with your right hand, exhale, and stretch your body slowly while leaning forward Right leg; runs adjacent to each other for 30 seconds; switch to the other side.

   Function: It can remove excess fat from the legs and improve the balance of the figure.

   Spinal twisting yoga weight loss method

   Spine twisting yoga weight loss action specification: sit on the sofa with your hips, hold one side of the sofa with your hands; look straight at the front line, exhale, and turn your body to the side of the sofa at the same time; run adjacent to the side of the sofa.

   Function: Relax each spine, make the back muscles more elastic, and remove excess fat in the waist and abdomen.

   Lying Heroic Yoga Weight Loss Method

Recumbent Heroic Yoga Weight Loss Action Specifications: Kneel on the sofa, look straight at the front line; close the vital links of the knees, separate the feet, and toes backward; place the buttocks on the sofa between the feet instead of sitting on the feet Exhale, and lie back slowly, even if you let your back lie flat on the sofa; breathe continuously and adjoiningly.

   Function: Relieve and remove heel pain and sorrow, help to heal knee pain and sorrow caused by rheumatism and gout.

   Legs back stretch yoga method to lose weight

Legs and back stretch yoga weight loss action specifications: sit on the sofa, straighten your feet and hold one side of the sofa; inhale, raise your arms, exhale, and hold the edge of the sofa with your hands; raise your head, look up, and sense Infuse the spine to stretch.

   Function: Stretch the entire back, thereby restoring energy and making yourself irritated; in addition, the abdominal organs are squeezed, which can effectively improve digestion results.

   Right Angle Yoga Weight Loss Method

Right angle yoga weight loss action specifications: straighten your body, put your feet close together, hold the back of the sofa with your hands; exhale, use the base of the spine as a fulcrum, until your back and legs form a right angle; during this period, your eyes always look at your hands; Breathe naturally, running through and adjoining for 30 seconds; restore the upright posture. The action was repeated 5 times.

   Function: relax the muscles of the legs, correct the hunchback and spine curvature, and eliminate the body's sense of help.

   Yoga knowledge

  Don't do yoga on an empty stomach

   Doing yoga after a meal will hinder the progress of yoga practice. In order to allow the body to bend to the specified yoga posture, it is best to do it on an empty stomach. It’s best to finish the meal one hour before yoga, but if you don’t have time to dine an hour before but you are hungry, you can eat a banana twenty minutes before yoga, which can resist hunger without digestion. bad.

   Arrived early in the yoga classroom

   Try to arrive in the classroom ten minutes before the start of the class, so as not to have some registration materials to fill in, or you can ask the yoga teacher some related questions. Arriving early can also give you enough time to familiarize yourself with the environment and chat with your yoga teacher so that the teacher can better understand your situation.

   remember to bring yoga supplies

   If you have not purchased yoga mats, please confirm whether yoga mats are available for rent in the yoga classroom. In addition, bring some supports, such as blankets, yoga bricks, etc. Blankets can provide beginners with better protection and support during practice, while yoga bricks can help beginners to do certain yoga movements more easily.

   may be a bit monotonous at first

  Because I am a beginner, I may practice more repetitive movements, but this also depends on the way the yoga teacher teaches. If you keep repeating monotonous movements that make you feel unbearable, you can try to add yoga movements that other people are learning. In any case, don't put too much pressure, just take a deep breath, relax and maintain a normal mind.

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