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What are the weight loss exercises

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What are the Weight loss exercises

  STEP 01

   Lie flat on the mat, support both feet on the ground, lift up the upper body with the strength of the abdomen, and swing the body from side to side.

  STEP 02

   Then we use both hands and feet to support the ground, prop up the body, and alternate climbing exercises with the left and right feet.

  STEP 03

   Lie flat on the mat, open both hands, lift up the legs with abdominal strength, and do circular movements.

  STEP 04

   Next, we do a set of abdominal curls, mainly by bending the knees and raising the legs and keeping them 90 degrees to the ground.

  STEP 05

   Increase the difficulty! Cross your legs and hands alternately when you curl your belly.

  STEP 06

   Then we still lie flat, use our abdomen to exert force, and alternately raise and swing our legs.

  STEP 07

  In addition to swinging the legs alternately, using the abdominal strength to lift the legs and waist, you can also exercise the abdominal muscles.

  STEP 08

   The last action is relatively simple, and it is also a curling exercise. The above 8 actions, each 45-60 seconds, stick to 2-3 groups a day, there will be effects!

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