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Simple weight loss yoga exercises

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Simple Weight loss yoga exercises

   sideways prone position

   is different from ordinary push-ups with both hands and legs working together. This action adjusts the center of gravity to one side of the body, and adds a turning and pressing action.

   Therefore, if you want to keep your body balanced, the muscles of the lower back and abdomen must be tightened, and the fat stored there will naturally start to burn!

   please follow me

   If you are a sedentary person, it is recommended that you must pay attention to feeling our body balance when practicing. In addition, pay attention to the rhythm of breathing when practicing.

Lie on your side on the mat, facing to the left; the left arm supports the upper body, the outer side of the left foot touches the ground, the tip of the left finger is facing forward (ie the direction of the head); the legs are close together, the right leg is flat on the left leg, and the right foot is naturally folded Put it on your left foot.

   Raise the buttocks upwards, and then leave the legs off the ground (the legs remain close together) until the body is in a straight line.

   At this time, only the left arm and the outer side of the left foot support the body; after maintaining balance, open the right arm, and the left arm is in a straight line, and the whole body is in a diagonal "cross" shape.

   To maintain our body balance, keep our hips still, twist our waist, shoulders should be as close to the ground as possible, and draw a circle with the right arm in the sky. Adjust breathing.

   Return to the initial oblique "cross" posture, pay attention to adjusting the breathing, repeat 5 times and change to the other side.

  Half Fish King


  Half Fish King is also a classic thin belly yoga exercise. Practicing this pose can effectively reduce the fat on our stomachs. Friends who want to lose weight quickly may wish to practice this pose frequently!

   This is a more advanced twisting pose. We need to fold one leg underneath, let the sole of the foot stand upright on the ground, and straddle the upper foot on the outside of the knee.

   The toes and knees are in a line, and the upper leg should be vertical. You can put a blanket under the hips.

   In order to prevent the pelvis from falling back, make the back stand up, and as the exhale turns, inhale and stretch the spine, and exhale to push the middle back into the body to increase the twist.

  Mariki Three


The practice of   Mariki III can also help us lose fat on our stomachs. Then, how should we practice this pose? Let's take a look together!

   Sit high on the buttocks, put a blanket on the buttocks of the bent leg to make the pelvis on both sides of the same height, the lower supporting leg, heel and thigh surface should be firmly pressed against the ground, and the hooked foot should be kept stable.

  Twist as you exhale. Be careful when you twist. Lift your lower back and don’t hunch your back. The entire spine is vertical. The side ribs on both sides should also be perpendicular to each other and be of equal length.

   Balad Vaga


   This posture can increase the blood supply to the spine. It can massage the abdominal organs strongly to promote digestion. It can eliminate stool and help you reduce waist and abdomen fat.

   sat on the blanket. Elevate the blanket so that both sides of the pelvis are equal rather than slanted. Keep your legs close to your knees, then fold your legs on top, and place your ankles on your feet.

  All toes are on the ground. Push both hands evenly, twist the body with the exhale, to twist the waist and abdomen, to increase the vitality and blood supply of the spine. This is a sitting exercise.

  What are the benefits of practicing yoga for Weight loss

   1. Promote blood circulation

  Oxygen is the life source of human cells. It can heal wounds, remove bacteria, and at the same time ensure the strength and vitality of muscle structure.

  Blood earnestly brings oxygen to every part of the body. Various sports activities, such as yoga, can increase the heart rate, thereby accelerating the circulation of oxygenated blood.

   As our daily habits are difficult to change, our body circulation is inevitably overlooked, which can easily lead to the phenomenon of blood flow. Practicing yoga can fully stretch our body limbs.

   For example, the pivot key, connection structure and internal organs. And certain yoga postures, such as extension, rotation, back restraint, and tightening of muscles, also send signals to allow the body to send blood to these specific parts.

  2, detoxification

   Different toxins are permeated all around us, and there are a lot of toxins in the atmosphere, food and water.

   Fortunately, the human body understands that through the skin, breath, blood and excretory organs, toxins are eliminated by itself. But what does detoxification have to do with yoga?

   Yoga practice will make our body sweat a lot. At this time, our body's toxins will be discharged with sweat. This is very helpful for weight loss, detoxification and beauty.

  3, improve the flexibility of the body

   Most people believe that only by using the latest fitness tools or hiring private exercisers can they achieve the desired fitness results.

   Even though the students in the department can do what they want, more people have discovered that the results of yoga are more obvious, because yoga is a natural and comprehensive fitness exercise.

  Each style of yoga has a history of thousands of years. It can strengthen and extend the structure of the body.

   Regardless of whether your body is soft or stiff, weak or strong, yoga can improve your body and mind, and help improve your body condition.

   4. Relieve stress

   If you fail to relieve the usual stress of survival, it may lead to stress diseases in your body.

  Practicing yoga regularly can regain the silence of the body and mind. At the same time, it can help improve the immune system and eliminate the toxins caused by stress. It is the best treatment for you after a day of fatigue.

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