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How to lose weight most effectively?

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How to lose weight most effectively in summer?

   Why is it suitable for Weight loss in summer?

  High temperature and fast metabolism

   It is cold in winter. The body accelerates fat synthesis in order to keep out the cold. In winter, people have poor enthusiasm for exercise and eat a lot. It is not easy to lose weight. The high temperature in summer requires the body to dissipate heat, which will speed up the metabolism. The metabolism is accelerated, exercise has a high efficiency in burning fat, the calories taken in are easily consumed, and there will be no excess calories left to be converted into fat.

   I have a bad appetite in summer

   Metabolism is accelerated, blood will be concentrated on the skin surface and circulation in the limbs, resulting in a decrease in the amount of blood entering the stomach and intestines, and a decrease in digestive function. People's appetite for greasy food is greatly reduced, and the taste tends to be lighter. As a result, people's calorie intake will also be reduced.

  how to lose weight in summer

  sleep tight

I believe everyone has heard about sleeping to lose weight, and they don’t really believe it. However, studies have shown that people who follow the diet plan and sleep 8.5 hours a day lose an average of 3.9 kg in two weeks; while those who follow the same diet plan but only sleep 5.5 hours a day , Not only lost 0.6 kg but also became hungry easily.

   Strengthen waist exercise

   willow slender waist, a favorite of many women, mainly emphasizing the meaning of dancing with the wind, graceful and soft. It's a pity that I keep working and sitting for too long every day, and there is fat on my waist. There is no softness at all. Sit on the floor, straighten your right leg, curl your left leg back, place your heel on the base of your thigh, keep your body frontally forward, stretch your right hand on your right leg, stretch your left hand to the right side of your body and bend to ensure it is on the same side as your body , Let the waist feel fully stretched, hold for 10 seconds, then reset, change direction and do it again.

   frequently soak your feet

   The feet are the farthest part of the human body from the heart, which has a great influence on blood return, especially lower body obesity. Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, which can relieve fatigue, help sleep, and lose weight. Soaking feet in hot water can improve local blood circulation, get rid of cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the goal of health preservation and Weight loss. At the same time, adding some Chinese medicine to the water can also play other roles.

Healthy weight loss

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