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3 things to lose weight without exercising

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3 things to lose weight without exercising

   Three steps to lose weight in the morning

   Get up and drink water to help discharge waste

When a girl star reveals her beautiful remedies, she always talks about drinking a large glass of water in the morning, which can reduce swelling! The reason is that you may have eaten too much alkali or drank too much water the night before, and I didn’t get rid of it after sleeping all night. Drink it after getting up early in the morning. A large glass of water helps to urinate quickly. Even if you are losing weight, you should consume at least 2000 ㏄ of water every day to maintain the normal functioning of the body and eliminate waste. In addition, the currently popular mineral water with trace elements contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It has no calorie troubles. It is also a good choice for people who always eat out and can effectively supplement nutrition.

  Slimming morning exercises, effective

   Doing morning exercises every day can not only make people start a day of work and study refreshed, but also maintain a fit body shape and eliminate excess fat. But if you want to see obvious results, an important condition is "persistence."

   body stretch

   Standing, arms raised, like stretching, but with a large margin. If you are lying on the bed, you can grab the edge of the bed above your head with both hands (or press the bed on both sides of your body with your arms), and lift your legs straight up with one leg in turn (or both legs at the same time). Slightly fast when raising the leg, and a little slower when falling back. Do it 20-30 times. It helps to reduce excess fat in the lower abdomen, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscles.

   lie on your back

   Lie on your back on the bed, bend your knees, bring your knees together, separate your feet slightly wider than your hips, and place your arms straight (palm down) on your side. Separate your legs, move your body weight to your shoulders, support with your shoulders, inhale and raise your hips, and stop for a while. Exhale, slowly lower your buttocks, and restore. Repeat the exercise more than 20 times. It is effective for reducing waist and buttocks fat and fat, strengthening waist and buttocks muscle strength, strengthening waist and kidney.

   Facial morning exercises

   If you don't want to loosen your facial skin, and you don't want to resort to cosmetic surgery and drugs, you might as well do a set of facial morning exercises every day. Wear a loose piece of clothing that can't cover your neck, gently smear dry facial skin with skin care products, sit on a chair, lean against the back of the chair, and start to inhale through your nose, then exhale through your mouth.

   Method: Take a deep breath, and then forcefully blow the exhaled breath to the wings of the nose. The exhalation should be like this: exhale through the right corner of the mouth and close the left corner of the mouth; then exhale through the left corner of the mouth, then the right corner of the mouth is closed tightly. Inhale slowly and deeply, delay breathing for 3 to 4 seconds. After bulging your cheeks, force the inhaled air to eject from the closed lips.

  Bath early in the morning, light and refreshing

Westerners like to take a shower in the morning. It is not unreasonable. In addition to being clear-headed, clean the pores of the skin, activate the metabolic cycle, and then use facial skin care products or body firming products. The effect is particularly good. If you have time , It’s even better to simply take a bath! As the body temperature rises during the bath, the body’s metabolic rate increases, just like running a step, it can also consume some calories. The water temperature is preferably 38~39℃, and each soak for 20~30 minutes is enough.

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