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How to lose weight quickly in 2 weeks can lose three kilograms

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How to lose weight quickly in 2 weeks can lose three kilograms

  【Diet to lose weight

   Day 1-Day 3

  Boiled water diet

   People who can’t keep on losing weight are mostly curious and want to try any method, but they soon get bored and can’t persevere. Therefore, the editor of believes that simple and interesting Weight loss methods are most suitable for short-term Weight loss programs.

   Don’t think that drinking water will make you edema. The knowledge of drinking water is great. Drinking water scientifically will definitely make you lose weight! So how does boiled water lose weight?

   First of all, we start with boiling water. It is recommended not to use an electric kettle or microwave to heat it. It must be boiled with a fire, then open the lid to cool for 10 minutes, pour it into a cup, and wait until the water temperature drops to about 50 degrees. Drinking about 800ml of boiled water every morning can immediately activate the metabolic function, promote detoxification, and refresh your mind; fill the kettle with you before going out, drink it every 10 minutes before meals, and drink 200- before each meal for 3 meals. 300 ml. The rest of the time should be properly hydrated, and don't wait until you are thirsty to drink.

   Day 4-Day 6

   Grapefruit Weight Loss

Many people mistakenly take weight-loss food as a single food instead of a regular meal. In fact, this is a big mistake! If the body lacks nutrition, even if all the staple foods are replaced with weight-loss foods, they can’t lose weight because of the lack of motivation. , The weight loss effect cannot be exerted effectively!

   We all know that grapefruit has a super weight-loss effect, and its nutritional value is also high, but the most important thing in diet to lose weight is to mix each other, not completely replace it, and the fruit as a staple food must be discarded!

  The bitter and astringent ingredients contained in grapefruit have the effect of suppressing appetite, while the aromatic ingredients can activate the sympathetic nervous system, promote fat burning, and stimulate blood circulation. Divide a whole grapefruit into 3 portions and eat a little before each meal, which can effectively control appetite and reduce food intake. Day 7-Day 9

   Natto diet

   Japanese people like to eat natto, especially women, because natto has high nutritional value, and it can improve metabolism, improve constipation, and beautify the skin. In view of the health benefits of natto, match different ingredients, such as kimchi, radish, peas, etc., to create different patterns, which will definitely not make you bored!

  As a food that can suppress appetite, it is generally recommended to eat about 20-30 minutes before meals, because when we eat food, blood sugar slowly rises, and it will not start to stimulate the satiety center until 20 minutes later. Day 10-Day 11

   warm yogurt diet

Eating yogurt in the morning is a good way to lose weight. It can promote digestion, improve detoxification and constipation. We generally eat iced yogurt, but cold food will lower the body temperature and slow down the metabolism, especially for those suffering from chills. Women have to avoid taboos even more.

   So, the editor of today introduced you to another way of eating. Slightly heated yogurt, its active ingredients are more easily absorbed by the body, heat up the intestines, promote peristalsis, and double the weight loss effect! Eat until 8 minutes full in the morning and noon.

   Pour 100 ml of yogurt and 1 scoop of boiled water into a glass, add 1 scoop of honey to taste, then cover with plastic wrap and heat it in the microwave for 1 minute. Day 12-Day 14

   Slimming Soup and Juice Weight Loss Method

   Use high-fat-burning and high-fiber foods for the last three days! Slimming soup cooked with soy products is rich in protein and vitamins, and promotes the dissolution and burning of fat. Fresh juice is full of dietary fiber and minerals, can adjust the intestinal environment, fully satiety, and prevent overeating.

   Diet skills are: breakfast juice, lunch slimming soup + meat, fish + vegetables + staple food, dinner weight loss soup + vegetables + staple food.

  【exercise to lose weight

   Day 1-Day 4

   weight loss exercise on bed

Most people with a 3-minute heat do not like to do weight-loss exercises specifically when they lose weight, so they can choose to lie in bed and do some simple movements before going to bed or after waking up to activate deep muscles. The time required is also very short. .

   Day 5-Day 7

   dumbbell weight loss exercise

   At the weekend, you can have an assault weight loss exercise. The intensity is slightly increased. It alternates with the daily home weight loss exercises. While bringing freshness, it exercises the muscles of the whole body and improves the metabolism. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you may wish to inject 500 ml of water from a plastic water bottle.

   Day 8-Day 11

   Take a bath to lose weight exercise

   Body temperature rises during bathing, and metabolism is also in a state of activation. Combining simple movements at this time is the best time to do weight loss exercises. However, during the period of attention, keep deep breathing smoothly to avoid physical discomfort due to the rise in blood pressure.


  Partial weight loss exercise

In the last few days, the density and intensity should be slightly increased for the areas that want to be thin, once in the morning and evening, focusing on exercising a certain part of the muscles, accelerating the burning of fat, making partial weight loss in one go, and drawing a perfect end to the entire weight loss plan. .

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