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How can I lose weight quickly without rebounding?

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How can you lose weight quickly without rebounding?

   1. Rely on diet to lose weight:

First control your diet, remember to overeating, eat well in the morning, eat full at noon, and eat less at night (no food after 6 o'clock). This method is very effective, but it will be particularly slow, as long as you have perseverance. It will be successful. Relying on the Weight loss diet to lose weight, we must stick to it. For example: Copenhagen, 21-day weight-loss meal, 13-day weight-loss meal, are very effective, but you must stick to it, you can't give up. To lose weight on hunger strike is to eat fruits every day and eat foods without sugar. The Weight loss effect is particularly fast, but it must be maintained for 30 days, because the first 7 days will be a lot of lean, and the lean will be all water, and then there will be a balance period and weight There is no change, but once the balance period has passed, you will lose weight faster. The method is very effective, but most people can't hold on. So not everyone can do it by looking at diet to lose weight

   2. Weight loss pills to lose weight

   The last thing you can't eat is weight loss pills. They are three-point poisonous, and weight loss pills are easy to rebound.

  3. Rely on exercise to lose weight

   1 thin belly (crunches)

   Sit-ups are an exercise to fully exercise the waist and abdomen. Do 5 groups a day, 15-20 per group (it is recommended to increase the number from less to more per day). If you persist for a long time, you can receive satisfactory results.

   Method: Lie on your back, bring your legs together, touch your ears with your hands, use your abdominal muscles to contract, swing your arms forward, quickly become a sitting position, continue to bend your upper body, touch your feet with your hands, lower your head, then resume your sitting position and continue doing it. (Of course a partner works better)

  2. Thin arms (single-arm stretching exercise)

   This action can exercise the shoulder muscles and triceps, and incidentally, it can exercise the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and calves.

   Press your arms on the pillows on the floor, and straighten your legs back to make your body in a straight line. Extend your right arm to the right, sweep the floor and lift it up, as shown in the picture. After a short pause, lower your arms and return to the initial position, trying to keep your body straight during the whole process. Raise the arm forward parallel to the floor, then raise it up again, and then return to the initial movement. After 30 seconds, change the arm and do it for another 30 seconds. Then take a deep breath for 30 seconds to relax.

  3. Thin thighs (do high leg lift exercises)

   After getting up early in the morning, we can do five sets of leg-raising exercises in the living room or room. Each set is one minute, and each set can be rested. Leg raising is a good exercise for thin thighs. It moves the muscles of the thighs well and promotes the burning of leg fat.

   4. Overall thin (weight loss exercise)

   Zheng Duoyan weight loss exercises 30 minutes or 30 minutes of yoga practice every night, it can also be 2 songs of Arabian Nights

   Four, surgery to lose weight

   First you have to have enough money, and then have enough courage, otherwise don’t do it

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