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Lazy people can also lose weight quickly

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Lazy people can also lose weight quickly

  The habit of protruding lower abdomen easily

   1. Often wearing high heels will cause the pelvis to tilt forward, the internal organs to sag, and the lower abdomen to bulge.

  2. Eating too fast can cause indigestion, food hoarding, and stomach bulge.

   3. If you eat too full, your stomach will expand. Eating less and more meals can effectively improve it.

   4. Drinking iced beverages and eating ice will cause fat to accumulate around the uterus.

   5. Wearing low-waist pants can also easily cause the lower abdomen to bulge.

  Some lazy tricks to reduce belly

   8 glasses of water a day

   If you want to overcome the stubborn fat on your stomach, you must first ensure the discharge of toxins from the body, so as not to cause obesity caused by abdominal edema, and it is absolutely necessary to drink more water for gastrointestinal detoxification. Recommend lemonade, citric acid can help the intestines and stomach detox, accelerate the metabolism of the body, drink plenty of water on weekdays, it can be a good detoxification and beauty.

   knead belly fat

   If you want to effectively remove belly fat, you must learn to knead belly fat, which can help promote metabolism quickly. After abdominal exercises, perform circular massages 100 times in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions to "catch" the body fat. Do this for about fifteen minutes each time, three to four times a week.

   have dinner before six o'clock

   Some experts pointed out that eating dinner four hours before going to bed is not easy to gain weight. Therefore, girls who want to have a good figure, it is best to have dinner before six o'clock, so that the stomach and intestines have enough time to digest.

   take a deep breath every day to lose weight

   Stand up every time you have your belly, relax your whole body, and let your hands droop naturally. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and take a deep breath: When you inhale, you will bulge your abdomen, that is, use your abdomen instead of the girl's own chest to breathe for three seconds, and then close your abdomen when you exhale. Try to make the contraction of the stomach larger, from slow to fast, and stop if you feel a little tired.

   do housework

   Let’s be a good hardworking boy from today. For example, do not use a vacuum cleaner when sweeping the floor, use rags and brooms, and consciously increase your exercise capacity; choose to wash and iron clothes at noon when the temperature is higher, and you will sweat a lot; if you are hungry, make yourself a delicate meal. Weight-loss lunch, and you can control your appetite.

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