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How can I lose weight fast?

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How can I lose weight fast?

   Digestive enzymes reduce fat accumulation. The exotic fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme called kiwifruit, which can break down the eaten protein into small molecular amino acids to facilitate the body's absorption and reduce the chance of becoming body fat or visceral fat accumulation. For night owls, the meal time is usually late. The exotic fruit rich in kiwifruit digestive enzymes can effectively help digestion and reduce the burden on the stomach. Therefore, the exotic fruit becomes a good Weight loss partner for night cats.

  Dietary fiber improves constipation. The dietary fiber of exotic fruit ranks first among the fruits. A 100g exotic fruit has about 2.5g fiber, which is 2.3 times that of bananas and 2.5 times that of oranges. The water-soluble fiber (pectin) of the exotic fruit can prevent the small intestine from absorbing the fat obtained from the food, allowing the fat to be excreted in the feces, reducing the chance of accumulation in the body; the insoluble dietary fiber plays a role in removing old waste from the intestine The role, while absorbing water to increase stool volume, and promote bowel movements, to improve the problem of constipation of "low abdomen people" bowel movements.

  Carnitine promotes fat burning. At present, the amino acids that are considered squarely in the weight-loss world are also abundant in exotic fruits. The lysine and methionine in exotic fruits are essential amino acids to help carnitine synthesis. Carnitine is one of the ingredients that promote fat burning. It can promote the effect of converting excess body fat into calories in the body. The carnitine in the human body reaches its peak at about 20 years old and then begins to decrease. Therefore, eating exotic fruits is also at the same time A powerful helper to supplement Weight loss.

   The following are the key points of Qi Teguo's weight loss implementation:

   1. Eat one to three exotic fruits every day.

   2. Eat a special fruit for breakfast and drink a glass of water.

  3. If you are not full, a simple breakfast with soy milk or yogurt is also ok.

   4. Before lunch, if you are hungry, you can eat a little brown sugar or dark chocolate, or a bowl of low-calorie vegetable soup.

   5. Eat 80% full for lunch.

  6. ​​Use exotic fruits instead of desserts. You can eat one if you are hungry.

  7. Dinner a little less and a little earlier (eat within three hours before going to bed).

   Recommend kiwi fruit, vegetable and fruit weight loss recipes:

   Vegetable and Fruit Weight Loss Method, you must also choose the right vegetables and food for weight loss, because some fruits also contain a lot of sugar! This kiwi fruit weight loss method has super fat weight loss! At the same time, it can also supplement rich vitamins!

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