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Fast weight loss yoga

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Fast Weight loss yoga

   Kneeling on the bed, keeping arms and thighs vertical. Exhale, bend your right leg forward, arch your spine upward, lower your head, and keep your nose as close to your knee as possible. Keep this position and hold your breath for 6 seconds. Inhale, lift your right leg upwards, bend your knees, raise your head, stretch your feet forward, and bring your toes toward your head. The spine is arched downward. Maintain this position for 6 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Change legs and do 3 more times. Efficacy: balance the nervous system, enhance the body's control and balance, and make the leg muscles more slender.

   Lie down on your stomach, bend your knees, bring your heels close to your hips, and grab your ankles with your hands. Inhale, arch your back and lift your feet, and lift your head and chest together. Hold your breath for 6 seconds and keep your head up. Exhale and slowly lower the legs, chest, and head to the starting position. Then relax. Practice 5 rounds. Efficacy: It is beneficial to the spine and lumbar joints, and the abdominal muscles and internal organs are massaged.

   Sit with legs apart and stretch forward straight. Fingers interlocked, imagine holding a stone-pushing handle. Exhale, bend your waist forward, and lean your upper body forward. Push to the right, inhale as far back as possible, and grind backwards. Move the body around the waist, clockwise and counterclockwise ten times each. Efficacy: exercises waist muscles, can adjust the regularity of menstrual cycle, and can also be used for postpartum recovery.

   Leg Weight loss method: stand, legs 30 cm apart, toes forward, arms forward, parallel to the ground. Inhale, lift, and stand on your toes; exhale, squat, and slowly place your buttocks on your heels, keeping your back straight and your toes on the ground. Breathe normally, maintain the movement for 5 seconds, inhale and stand up. Exhale, relax, and repeat. Function: Wonderfully change the shape of the thighs and enhance the strength of the legs.

   Low back weight loss method: Stand upright, spread your legs, and focus on the anus. Hold your hands high above your head, and the distance between your palms is about the width of your head. Slowly turn your waist to the left, and follow the rotation of your upper body and arms, and straighten your back as much as possible. Slowly turn, and slowly lower your hands when facing the front. Rest for a while, and then do the same movement to the other side. Function: Reduce waist circumference and enhance waist flexibility.

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