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How can I lose weight quickly?

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How can I lose weight fast?

   The best way to lose weight is aerobic breathing, so we can run and bike at home

   Cycling, riding 3 groups a day, each group riding 20 minutes, do not need to pedal too fast, the cost is persistence.

   There is a pressurizing device on the bike, which can increase the difficulty of pedaling. It is recommended to adjust it to the degree that it takes some effort to make it effective.

   Then there is running. Running is our most common aerobic exercise and the most weight-loss aerobic exercise.

   2 groups a day, each group running for 30 minutes, first jogging for 10 minutes, accelerating for 10 minutes and then jogging for 10 minutes. On average, the speed should not be lower than 7 when jogging, and the speed should not be higher than 12 when running fast.

   Weight loss depends on persistence, eat less and exercise more, only in this way can you exercise a good body.

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