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Tips to lose weight before going to bed

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Tips to lose weight before going to bed

   Tips to lose weight before going to bed: soak your feet before going to bed

   The feet are the farthest part of the human body from the heart, which has a great influence on blood return, especially lower body obesity. Soaking your feet before going to bed can use the warmth of hot water to stimulate the local feet, promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins and waste accumulated in the body, thereby speed up the burning of body fat, and achieve the goal of Weight loss, especially for people with lower body obesity.

  Furthermore, soaking feet can dispel the cold in the body, adjust the balance of secretion in the body, and also eliminate insomnia, headaches, physiological disorders and other conditions, which can be described as many benefits.

  Small coup to lose weight before going to bed: abdominal massage for 8 minutes

   Take the belly button as the center, and massage the palms tightly against the abdomen in circular motions for about 8 minutes each time. Abdominal massage can effectively stimulate the meridians of the abdomen and help increase the speed of fat metabolism. At the same time as the massage, the speed of intestinal peristalsis will also increase, and the "detoxification" of the next day will also feel smooth.

   In addition, the effect should be better if you use body sculpting cream or essential oil during massage.

  Small coup to lose weight before going to bed drinking a glass of lemon honey water

   Properly drinking lemon honey water can not only detoxify and laxative, but also increase the quality of our sleep. In addition, honey lemon etc. can also play a role in beauty and beauty. Therefore, drinking a glass of lemon honey water before going to bed can provide the water that our body needs to function at night.

   Honey water can also be replaced with milk. But honey water is best to drink 1 hour before going to bed. In addition, you must not eat other foods and fruits before going to bed. This will cause fat to be stored and you will gain weight.

  Small coup to lose weight before going to bed is to do yoga before going to bed

   Before going to bed, we can do some exercises to lose weight. However, it should be noted that before going to bed, we must not do too intense exercises, which will keep our spirits always excited and cause sleeplessness and insomnia.

   So, before going to bed, we can do some relatively simple yoga movements, which can not only purify our minds, but also achieve the effect of losing weight.

  Small coup to lose weight before going to bed: take a bath all over the body

   In addition to soaking your feet, you can also soak in a beautiful hot bath before going to bed. Different from a normal shower, when the whole body is immersed in the bathtub, the blood circulation speed will be rapidly accelerated due to the expansion of the blood vessel wall, and then the blood circulation in the muscles and organs of the whole body will be accelerated, which is more conducive to the detoxification of the skin and organs. At the same time, the warm state can accelerate the process of fat metabolism. During a full-body bath, the water pressure will oppress the blood vessels and lymphatics, which can effectively promote lymphatic metabolism. The excess water and garbage are gone, and the body naturally relaxes a lot.

   Moreover, during a full body bath, the pores on the skin will open due to the increase in temperature, and the grease and garbage deposited in the pores will also be discharged with sweat. Therefore, the full body bath not only has an effective weight-loss effect, but also improves the complexion caused by various reasons during the Weight loss period.

   Tips to lose weight before going to bed: stand on the wall for half an hour

  Standing against the wall is what we usually call "standing on the wall". This simple method not only does not make people feel fatigued, but also effectively consumes body fat, while firming the skin, accelerating metabolism, and helping to improve the quality of sleep.

However, when practicing, remember the core movements of the "three points and one line", that is, heels, hips, and back of the head. The three points and one line should be close to the root of the wall as much as possible, knees and heels should be brought together, and your hands should relax and hang down naturally on both sides of the body. , But if you want to lose weight faster, you can stretch your arms straight to the outside of your thighs while keeping the muscles of the whole body tight.

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