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How to lose weight successfully without rebounding?

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How to lose weight successfully without rebounding?

   Before I talk about how to lose weight without rebounding, let us first understand the metabolism. If you are a senior Weight loss fighter, you will not be unfamiliar with the metabolic rate. I searched a lot of articles on the Internet about how to increase the metabolic rate to lose weight.

   However, what is the metabolic rate and how to effectively increase the metabolic rate. To help you burn more fat and lose weight, there are 6 key points you must know.

   1. Metabolism occurs up and down the whole body

   Metabolism refers to the process by which the body converts the food you eat into energy to maintain the normal operation of the entire body. This process occurs in every cell of the body.

   And the basal metabolic rate is the calories needed for the most basic metabolism, such as the calories needed to maintain your breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, blood circulation and other basic life functions.

   The brain, liver and kidneys consume about half of the calories you eat every day. And you have no way to intervene in this part of the consumption. In addition, the calorie consumption of muscle is the bulk, in contrast, the calorie consumption of fat accounts for only 3%.

  The ratio of muscle to fat is what you can control.

  2) The vast majority of calories are consumed through basal metabolism.

   The calories eaten by the body are mainly consumed in three ways:

  1) Basal metabolic rate 60-80% (the main way the body consumes calories, this concept has been explained above)

  2) Food caloric effect is about 10%: the calories needed for the process of digesting and absorbing food

  3) Physical activity (including various basic physical activities, such as walking, raising arms, waving hands, housework, and exercise) is about 10-30%. The more sitting still, the less moving, the less consumption)

   The cruel truth is that compared with the calories brought by food intake, the calorie consumption of increasing exercise is actually very small.

   So it is very unrealistic for those who wish to exercise and then swish down their weight. It's very important to keep your mouth shut.

  3) There is a big gap in metabolism rate between people

   Sometimes, two people with exactly the same weight and body composition have very different metabolisms. Therefore, some people will not get fat after eating, and some people seem to grow flesh after drinking cold water. Scientists don't know the specific reason.

   At present, the factors that will affect the interest rate of the new generation are somewhat certain, such as age (, gender (male to female generation, body muscle rate, etc.;

  Age: As we age, our body's vitality decreases, and our metabolic rate also decreases. Even if you are actively exercising and fitness, your body's muscle and fat ratio has not changed at all, and you will consume fewer calories every day when you are 60 years old than when you are 20 years old. ——Because it has been mentioned above that the biggest consumers of calories in the body are actually the brain, liver, kidneys, and heart organs.

   Gender: Men have a higher body muscle rate, so the basal metabolic rate is generally higher than that of women.

   Body muscle rate: As mentioned above, a young adult woman of normal weight consumes 20% of calories from muscle and only 3% from fat. Muscles consume more calories, so if you find a way to increase the body's muscle mass, then the metabolic rate will also increase.

   Menstrual cycle: The good news is that the online heat transfer method of menstrual period weight loss (golden period of weight loss) is not completely unreasonable. Many women will increase their basal metabolic rate by 10% in the two weeks before the next official holiday after ovulation.

  4) It is not easy to lose weight by improving metabolism

   There are many ways to promote weight loss by improving metabolism on the Internet, such as drinking green tea and eating hot peppers.

   Let's save! Scientists say that these foods have a very small effect on the metabolism of the new city. Even a small increase will not last long, so the effect of weight loss is negligible.

  Muscle training? This one seems to be reliable. However, if your body's muscle rate increases and your body consumes more energy, your brain will direct you to eat more food. You have to fight your appetite bravely in order to win weight loss.

   In addition, if you are on a demanding diet + a lot of exercise, the muscles of the body may be lost instead, and the body fat rate is getting higher and higher.

   How to find a balance between proper diet control and proper exercise is a difficult problem for most weight loss friends.

  5) Eating too little will reduce your basal metabolic rate

   It is difficult to increase the metabolic rate, but it is very easy to reduce the metabolic rate.

   The most effective way to lower the interest rate of the new generation is to go on a diet. Strict dieting (and/or) a lot of exercise will cause the breakdown of body muscles, which directly causes the basal metabolic rate to drop. In addition, if you eat too little, your body thinks that you are experiencing a famine, and it activates an emergency mechanism to reduce your basal metabolic consumption, thereby reducing your calorie expenditure.

Scientists have followed the participants of a large-scale weight loss reality show and found that after losing weight quickly within three months, for six years, the basal metabolic rate is still 500 kcal on average than the average person, and the leptin in the stomach ( Hormone that makes people feel full) has almost disappeared.

   Why does the metabolic rate drop so easily? Scientists have not found the reason yet.

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