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How to effectively lose belly

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How to effectively lose belly

   Having a small belly greatly affects the overall appearance. How to reduce the fat on the belly has always been paid attention to. In fact, it is not difficult to lose weight. It is not difficult to master some of the most basic methods for thinning abdomen. Everyone can have a flat belly. Rubbing belly to lose weight is very popular on the Internet recently, is this method effective?

   One, sideways crunches

   Although rubbing the belly to lose weight has a very good effect of losing abdomen, sit-ups are also recognized as The fastest way to lose weight. The requirements for the thin abdomen method of sideways sit-ups are: sit down in a lying position, then grasp the head with both hands, raise your legs, and present a sideways posture below the waist, then follow your legs to the left and right, while your upper body Shake left and right too. Then lift the upper body 10 times, change the right hand, and lie on one side below the waist, and do the same 10 times.

   2. Abdomen walking method

  The method of walking with abdomen contraction first requires learning the "abdominal breathing method": when you breathe in, your belly swells; when you breathe out, your belly tightens. For people who practice yoga or vocalization, this is a necessary training. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of waste from the body, smooth airflow, and increase lung capacity. When walking and standing, you should reduce your abdomen vigorously, and cooperate with abdominal breathing to make your lower abdomen muscles firmer. You will not get used to it for the first one or two days, but as long as you remind yourself "to lose weight by shrinking your abdomen" at any time, after a few weeks, not only your lower abdomen will become flat, but your walking posture will also be more charming. If you want to get rid of fat on your abdomen as soon as possible, you may wish to combine the rubbing method to lose weight with the abdomen walking method. I believe there will be a better weight-loss effect.

   Three, boat type sports

   Rubbing the belly to lose weight is simple and effective, but the weight-loss effect of boat exercises cannot be ignored. Method: Lie on your back on the ground, then place your arms on your chest, and the body under the legs starts to lift up. Use the strength of your waist to lift your upper body off the ground, and at the same time lift your lower body. Make a V shape. When you lift it up, exhale for 5-10 seconds, and then let it down when you exhale.

  4. Plank exercise with arms and toes on the ground

   This treadmill exercise, which is similar to push-ups, is very popular with Weight loss experts like the belly rubbing method. It can exercise key parts such as the abdomen and back, and the effect of thin abdomen is very good. Method: Lie face down with your forearms on the ground. The toes are on the ground and the body is lying prone. Rely on the strength of the abdomen and arms to keep the body in the air, and not let the buttocks concave to the ground. Hold this position for 20 to 60 seconds, then let it go.

   5. Drink more yogurt

   In addition to rubbing the stomach to lose weight and the several exercises described above, yogurt is also the best coup for reducing stomach. Yogurt itself has the effect of promoting digestion and laxative, so it is the best choice for reducing stomach. Yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, which promote gastrointestinal digestion. At the same time, probiotics will generate organic acids in the intestines, which have a good regulating effect on gastrointestinal peristalsis. But be sure to drink in moderation, otherwise it will easily cause Weight loss!

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