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How to lose weight the fastest and healthy?

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How to lose weight fastest and healthy?

   The best anti-oxidant food for Weight loss:

   If you want to lose weight effectively, you must first understand how fat comes from. The fat ingested by the human body does not directly form cholesterol and fat in the blood vessel wall and the body, but is combined with something called free radicals, which is also commonly known as the oxidation process. If this free radical is reduced, the amount of cholesterol and fat formed will be greatly reduced accordingly. Among the top ten anti-free radical (oxidation) foods selected by Time Magazine, tomatoes are listed first (the effect is best when cooked), and broccoli is fourth. So if you don’t want to go on a diet and want to achieve Weight loss, I recommend the best dish, tomato-fried broccoli or tomato-fried cauliflower. This dish is more effective for fatter friends, and the three effects of weight loss, whitening and anti-aging are all in one. If you are interested, you can keep trying.

   The best food for detoxification and weight loss:

  Some friends will drink some slimming tea to lose weight. They have to insist on losing weight even if they have diarrhea. They don't know that it seriously affects their health and destroys the balance of vitamins in the body. After a long time, various inexplicable side effects will come out. Traditional Chinese medicine says that medicine and food are homologous. The food we usually eat contains a lot of crude fiber foods that help defecate and clear the intestines, such as cabbage, day lily, sweet potato, and corn. Note: These foods are the best for dinner, and don’t be lazy after getting up in the morning and go to the toilet in time. Detoxification, beauty and weight loss, recommended dinner: vegetable stir-fried cabbage, cold day lily (be careful not to choose bright yellow-looking sulphur smoked day lily)

  How can we stick to vegetarian dishes?

   For friends who are eating vegetarian food to lose weight, they often can’t help but their body shape can’t match the temptation of meat. In fact, there is an important point in insisting on being a vegetarian. If you plan to be a vegetarian, you must persist for three consecutive days. The first three days are the most unbearable, but once the third day has passed, the smell of meat will not be so greedy afterwards, don’t believe me. Just try it.

   Choose a simple and persistent exercise:

  Exercise is the best way to keep your body in shape and healthy mind and body, but many friends lack patience and it is difficult to persist in the end. You can choose some simple sports that you are interested in, such as pulleys, bicycles, swimming, etc., skipping rope, etc.

   Remember to sit for a long time after a meal:

   A hundred steps after a meal to live to ninety-nine, this is a Chinese saying. Walking around after a meal is also very important to lose weight and stay in shape. Sitting for a long time after meals will increase abdominal fat significantly, and is not conducive to maintaining flexible thinking. People will feel more lazy, and memory will decrease with time. Therefore, for friends at work, order less meals and insist on taking a walk after meals to help stay away. Little belly woman. You can also raise a dog at home and walk the dog after dinner, which is fun and easy to persist.

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