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Quick weight loss method lose 3 catties in 1 day

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As a long-standing detox method, fasting is absolutely beneficial to the body. The longest eating time can even last for about 7 days. If it is for conditioning the body, it is recommended that the fasting time can be maintained between 24 hours and 48 hours, and choose weekends to implement this plan. No need to consume too much energy or unable to cope with work due to insufficient calories.

   New fasting doctrine needs attention

   Don’t challenge the limit and choose the water fasting method. Not only can it not help you in the early stage of fasting, but it will also damage your body. Therefore, if the goal is to lose weight only, it is recommended to choose liquid fasting. Fruit and vegetable juice is the best choice. It can help the body expel toxins and the enzymes contained in it can easily pass through the intestines and stomach.

  What to eat for new fasting

  1, detox fruit. You can choose cucumber, bitter gourd, celery, etc. They are the best foods for detoxification and drainage. Try not to choose hot fruits as far as possible, if you can add some mango and strawberries for the taste.

  2, freshly ground soy milk. It is recommended to cook freshly ground soy milk by yourself. You can add black beans, soybeans, oatmeal, etc. at the same time to increase the body and flavor of soy milk. A cup of thick soy milk contains soy lecithin that can regulate physiological functions, vitamin B complex that can restore fatigue, plant-based protein and other nutrients.

   3. Drink soup. During fasting, you can also choose to drink soup as the main source of calories. Of course, you must automatically filter the large pieces of ingredients in the soup. Do not drink too greasy soup. Light fruit and vegetable soup, mushroom soup is the most beneficial.

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