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What are the weight loss exercise methods

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What are the Weight loss exercise methods


   Alternate lunge jumps, good warm-up movements, improve heart rate and prepare for subsequent training.

   alternate 5 times, do 3 sets


   Separate your legs wider than your hips, with your toes pointing outwards, and then repeat the continuous squat movement, squatting as far as possible to the lowest point, squatting 10 times, do 2 sets


   Limbs on the ground, the palms are directly under the shoulders, the spine is naturally straight, and then the left and right sides kick up to the highest point as much as possible.

   5 times in each group, do 3 times, alternately on both sides


   Lie on your side on a yoga mat, with your elbows supporting the ground, bend one leg and straighten the other leg, then lift your leg upwards, paying attention to the instep straight and adduct.

   5 times in each group, do 3 times, alternately on both sides


   Lie on your back on the yoga mat, spread your legs slightly apart as close to your hips as possible, and then continue to lift your hips upwards.

   10 each time, make 3 sets


   On the basis of the previous movement, straighten one leg and lift it up, and then repeat the movement of the hip bridge alternately from left to right.

   10 each time, make 3 sets

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