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Fast weight loss method

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How to lose weight quickly, lazy people lose weight by exercising to lose five pounds a week

   Get up early a glass of honey lemonade: The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is to drink a glass of honey lemonade. Use warm water to put an appropriate amount of honey, add fresh lemon slices, and insist on drinking it every day when you wake up.

  Daily simple small movements and thin hips: When washing dishes, brushing teeth and washing face at home, seize the time to do fitness exercises, such as clamping the buttocks, or swinging the waist and hips back and forth, all of which must be done every day.

Standing against the wall: After eating every day, do you feel good and want to sit down or lie down immediately? This makes it easy to gain weight, so we stand against the wall for a few minutes after eating every day. Can also cultivate temperament.

   Step in place: You can do it in your free time and while watching TV, as long as you want to walk while standing still, but it should be noted that the back heel should not touch the ground. This will tighten the leg muscles and burn fat.

   Lift things: For example, when you are going to the supermarket or shopping for clothes, you can lift the bag by yourself, don't let your boyfriend carry it, but don't make it too heavy. This action will help shape your shoulders.

  Walking to work: Office girls, if their company is close to home, they can choose to walk. Walking is a good exercise to keep the body in a running state. Exercise requires accumulation, and the key is persistence.

Aerial bikes: Girls can lie on the bed and raise their feet every day before going to bed, just like riding a bike, step on 100. Don’t put their feet down immediately after finishing, stay in the air for about 1 minute, this will persist. You will see that the legs are really thin.

  Go up the stairs: Girls who live in the elevator room at home can choose to go home every day and climb the stairs, only during the day, because if you are alone at night, you are afraid of danger, climbing the stairs will effectively reduce the leg muscles.

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