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Fast weight loss method

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Quickly lose weight and lose weight seven basic Weight loss common sense to teach you Healthy weight loss

   1. Does exercise make people grow muscles?

   Many MMs have a misunderstanding, exercise will make people become "muscle women". In fact, when exercising muscles, you need to consume sugar and fat in the body. The same weight of fat is twice the volume of muscle. But fat does not turn into muscle during exercise. Only when the exercise intensity reaches professional athletes can muscles grow, and exercises generally done for weight loss do not produce muscles.

   MMs feel that their legs become thicker when they exercise, and they feel that their calves are "growing up". In fact, the tightness caused by the fatigue of the legs is not really "growing up". So be sure to do relaxation exercises after exercise to relax the tense muscles.

   2. Exercise weight loss step by step

  Exercising to lose weight is a process. "Hurrying for success" can make people lose more than the gains. Excessive exercise can strain muscles and damage your health. MMs can develop a weight loss plan, starting from the following aspects:

   1. Increase the time spent on each exercise.

   2. Increase the number of exercises per week.

   3. Increase the intensity of each exercise.

   But it should be noted that after exercise, you should arrange a reasonable rest time for yourself to let the exercise relax.

   Three, weight loss does not necessarily have to avoid staple foods

   Staple food generally refers to high-carbohydrate foods, rice noodles and sweets.

   Many girls do not eat staple foods, believing that staple foods are easily converted into fat, and only consume some vegetables and fruits instead of staple foods. This will lead to insufficient high protein intake and deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Insufficient high protein supply can cause anemia, amenorrhea, and even edema. Low carbohydrates can also lead to "ketosis", which makes girls' skin worse, and their hair dries out.

   Only fats, sweets and refined white rice should be reduced to lose weight. The staple food for Healthy weight loss should be low-calorie, high-nutrition and high-satisfaction foods. Therefore, beans with high protein content, whole grains rich in vitamins and minerals, and potatoes with strong satiety are the best choices. And all kinds of sweet bread, biscuits, fried foods and staple foods such as white steamed buns, white rice, rice cakes, and white noodle dumplings should be eaten less.

   It is recommended that women with less physical activity eat 3 taels of food a day during the weight loss period (1 tael is equivalent to half a bowl of rice).

   Fourth, losing weight does not mean losing weight

   Many MMs regard weight as an important indicator of the success of weight loss, but we need to know that weight loss does not mean weight loss. Fat is the enemy of obesity, and weight loss should be reduced. So before you lose weight, you must figure out whether the weight loss method you choose loses fat or water.

   For example, the sauna weight loss method, which evaporates the body's water to make a person "light", and loses weight very quickly in a short period of time, but when the body replenishes water, the weight rebounds back to the original.
 5. Do not cross the physical health warning line

   To what extent is it considered healthy to lose weight? Here are some health standard indexes for MMs to refer to.

   BMI index, also called body mass index, is a commonly used health standard algorithm internationally.

  The specific formula is: BMI index = height (kg) / height square (square meter)

  Normal weight: body mass index = 18-25

   overweight: body mass index = 25-30

   Obesity: body mass index> 30

The    index is greater than 30, and the body has entered the "obese" stage. If the index drops below 18, it is a thin and unhealthy physique. MMs should stop losing weight and can consider “gaining fat”.

   Another health indicator is waist-to-hip ratio, which is the ratio of waist to hip. The ideal waist-to-hip ratio for women is between 0.67-0.80, and for men between 0.85-0.95. If you can achieve this range after losing weight, it is a more ideal state.

   6. Losing weight is a "protracted battle"

   Weight loss must first reduce the psychological burden. First of all, weight loss must be regarded as a habit. The formation of any habit requires an overweight. MMs shouldn’t be too anxious, follow some weight-loss advertisements. It’s best to know your physique and the causes of obesity, start to lose weight from the root cause, and find a way to lose weight that suits you. In the process of weight loss, to strengthen the belief in weight loss, you can continuously motivate yourself through psychological hints, or you can find like-minded weight loss friends to share experience and experience, and encourage each other. The editor believes that as long as the MMs master the correct weight loss method and persevere, MMs can turn into the focus of the crowd.

   Seven, what physique do you belong to

   In the "Nei Jing", people's physique is divided into fat type, cream type and meat type based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The MM who wants to lose weight should choose the appropriate weight loss method according to their physique.

   Fat type has a strong body, thick fat layer and strong muscles. People of this type of constitution can mainly lose weight through diet. Reduce the intake of high protein and high carbohydrates at each meal, and eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, oranges, and apples to maintain the balance of pH in the body. In the choice of exercise, choose some exercises that do not affect the line, such as brisk walking, climbing stairs, etc. Massaging the muscles before exercise will make it easier to lose weight after the muscles relax.

  The cream type is the opposite of the fat type. The cream type has loose muscles and is not strong. Paste-type people have a lot of air, and the body is hot and humid. To reduce the intake of fats, it is best to choose aerobic exercises such as long-distance running and swimming, so that you can lose weight by shaping.

   The flesh-shaped human is well-proportioned, sturdy, and peaceful. This type of people are the healthiest, but once they gain weight, they are obese. Exercise plus diet control is the most suitable way for this type of people to lose weight.

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