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How to lose weight healthy and fast

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How to lose weight healthy and fast? How to lose weight fast and healthy?

  The first step: correct Weight loss attitude

   It's not a mistake to be fat, but it's a big mistake to let yourself be fat. The reason why many people get fat is that they don’t pay much attention to the problem of obesity. But in fact, obesity is the cause of many diseases. Fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases may be caused or exacerbated by obesity. Obesity is not just about body size. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you must first make yourself pay attention to the problem of obesity. Don’t simply think of Weight loss as a process of “beauty”, but as a process of becoming healthy. process. In this way, you will have enough perseverance to persist.

   You can't get fat with one bite, and you won't lose weight with one bite. For the process of weight loss, you must have enough patience. Don’t just be quick and ignore the scientific nature of weight loss methods. Many people use extreme weight loss methods in order to lose weight quickly. In the end, they lose weight, but they get sick. In this way, the gains outweigh the losses.

   Step 2: The principle of "eating" must be observed

  The reason why people gain weight is because the calories consumed greatly exceed the calories consumed, so that the excess calories are stored in the body to form fat. how to lose weight fast and healthy? First, control your calorie intake. Diet is an important key to control calorie intake. How to eat to lose weight?

   1. Eat less

   Three meals a day must not be less, but the calorie intake of each meal must be strictly controlled. Don't presumptuously eat too much food for your stomach. You can eat seven to eighty percent full after each meal. "Eat a good breakfast, eat a full lunch, and eat less dinner." The total calorie intake of three meals a day should not exceed 2000 calories. The calorie intake of three meals a day can be allocated according to the ratio of 4:4:2.

   2. Eat more low-calorie foods

   Low-calorie foods are generally low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. Eating low-calorie foods makes it easier to feel full and not easy to gain weight. There are many low-calorie foods, such as apples, lemons, strawberries and other fruits; spinach, celery, cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables; buckwheat, millet, red beans and other coarse grains...During weight loss, the daily diet should be reasonably matched with low-calorie foods to ensure nutrition and ensure Sufficient energy.

   3. Chew and swallow slowly

   Gobble it up and finish the meal on the table at once, then you may not feel full yet. This is because the body does not receive the message of fullness until 20 minutes after eating. If you want to lose weight, you have to chew and eat slowly and extend the time to eat. In addition, it is best not to believe the phrase "eat while it is hot". Hot food contains relatively high calories.
 Step 3: There is no shortcut, you must exercise to lose weight

   how to lose weight fast and healthy? Exercise is the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight. Exercise will consume fat and make people thinner; at the same time, exercise will also enhance people's metabolic capacity, which makes people consume more calories every day and become thinner. To lose 30 pounds in a short period of time, the best way to exercise is aerobic exercise. The intensity of aerobic exercise is not high, and oxygen is involved in the metabolic process. As the duration of exercise becomes longer, the efficiency of fat consumption will be higher and higher. Anaerobic exercise mainly consumes sugar to supply energy for the body, and the effect of reducing fat is not as good as that of aerobic exercise. Below, the editor recommends several aerobic exercises with good fat-reducing effects.

   1. Swimming to lose weight

   Swimming is the most ideal weight loss exercise. The resistance that a person receives when exercising in water is 12 times that of exercising in the air. In order to overcome strong resistance, the human body has to consume more calories, which greatly improves the efficiency of cellulite removal and makes weight loss more effective. According to measurements, a person running for 20 minutes in the water is equivalent to running for 60 minutes on land.

   2. running to lose weight

   Running is a very healthy and simple way to lose weight. It uses a lot of perspiration, mobilizes the body's metabolism, and burns fat to achieve the goal of weight loss. In order to make running to lose weight better, you can combine fast running and jogging within 30 minutes. First, run very relaxed for 5 minutes, treating it as a warm-up activity. Then speed up and run for 30 seconds, then use another 30 seconds to slow down, and finally run fast for another 60 seconds.

  3. Lose weight by bike

   Cycling is an easy and effective Exercise to lose weight, especially riding a spinning bike in the gym. After 30 minutes of riding a spinning bike, the body begins to consume fat to provide energy for the body, and one class (about 45 minutes) will consume about 500 calories. In addition, frequent spinning exercises will improve people's ability to absorb and use oxygen, and speed up the body's metabolism. The increase in metabolism caused by spinning will speed up the breakdown of fat to achieve weight loss.

   4. Skipping rope to lose weight

   Rope skipping is a kind of exercise that is simple and easy to perform, has a large amount of exercise, and has an obvious weight loss effect. Tests have shown that the effect of jumping for 10 minutes and jumping 140 times per minute is equivalent to jogging for half an hour. Rope skipping requires exercises including calf muscles, quadriceps muscles, thigh muscles, shoulders, backs, allow the whole body to participate in the exercise and make the whole body thinner. In addition to weight loss, rope skipping, as a kind of aerobic exercise, can enhance the functions of the body's cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.

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