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How to lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast

   1. The rebound after being thin is more direct

Fast Weight loss can indeed make fat babies lose 5-10 kg in a very short period of time, but the fat babies that are lost in this way will get fat back in a very short period of time. We also call such people the weight-loss fat. Babies, generally after rebounding, they will weigh more before losing weight, and it will be twice as difficult if they want to lose weight when they get back fat. Like a person who loses 8 catties in 10 days and 5 catties in 3 days, these weight loss methods will basically rebound and will become heavier and heavier!

  2, the appearance is very old after being thin

Of course, fat babies who want to lose weight want to have a slim and firm body, but once a fast weight loss method is adopted, the skin will become very rough. On the one hand, the speed of skin shrinkage during the weight loss process cannot keep up with the speed of fat loss, resulting in loose skin. , There is a serious lack of nutrition, the skin will naturally get worse and worse, so fast weight loss will only be exchanged for aging 10 years!

   3. Difficulty getting pregnant after getting thin

   Rapid weight loss leads to underweight or excessive weight loss. Naturally, it will lead to malnutrition and endocrine disorders. For girls, menstrual disorders will occur. If you want to become pregnant during this time, it is basically impossible. It takes a relatively long time to get a good conditioning, at least a few months. This is the difference between rapid weight loss and healthy and stable weight loss.

  4. Menstrual disorders caused by excessive weight loss

   The normal operation of the human endocrine system depends on the stability of hormone levels, and balancing hormone levels requires the support of nutrients-sugar, fat, protein, vitamins and so on. However, people who lose weight excessively eat very little meat, rice, or only fruits and vegetables for a long time, and some even extremely diet, resulting in insufficient nutrient intake and low energy in the body. That is, there is not enough nutrient raw materials to supply the synthesis of hormones, and the hormone levels are low for a long time, causing serious confusion in the endocrine system, and then leading to amenorrhea.

   5. Hair becomes less after being thin

Fast weight loss is mostly due to insufficient nutrient intake, causing abnormal metabolism in the body. In severe cases, it can cause hair loss, yellow hair, dry hair, etc., and skin will also deteriorate due to insufficient nutrients or abnormal hormone metabolism. , Rough, acne-prone.

   Therefore, Healthy weight loss is the correct way to lose weight. Don’t make yourself thin like a rib. Not only is it not good-looking, but it also harms your health.

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