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How to lose 20 pounds quickly?

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How to lose 20 pounds quickly? Perseverance will win

   Obesity is really annoying, it is a phenomenon of body fat accumulation. How can I lose weight 20 pounds quickly without rebounding?

   How can I lose weight 20 kg quickly

Develop a weight-loss diet for yourself, follow the diet strictly every day, but make sure that the diet does not let you lack any kind of nutrients, vitamins and vitamin minerals that the human body should have, and at the same time allow you to properly take in some protein and fat to maintain Daily calorie consumption.

  on Monday,

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, a slice of whole wheat bread, a glass of milk;

  Lunch: two boiled eggs, half a bowl of rice, moderate vegetables;

   Dinner: steak, vegetable salad, coffee.

  on Tuesday,

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, a cup of milk, grapes and fruits;

  Lunch: green vegetable salad, tomatoes, grapes and fruits;

   Dinner: two boiled eggs, lamb, fruit salad, kimchi;

  on Wednesday,

   Breakfast: whole wheat toast, wheat germ milk, kiwi fruit;

  Lunch: germ rice, fish, fried kale, sweetfish and eggplant;

   Dinner: vegetable salad, cheese.


   Breakfast: a boiled egg, grapes and fruits, a glass of milk;

  Lunch: noodles, green vegetable salad, tomatoes;

   Dinner: two boiled eggs, cheese, spinach.


  Breakfast: steamed buns with eggs, tomato-based salad, half a grapefruit;

  Lunch: Soup dumplings, dried bean curd with sauce;

   Dinner: germ rice, steamed chicken legs, burdock and carrot soup for Weight loss.

   You can not eat according to recipes on weekends. Weekends are free time for meals, but you should still pay attention to reducing your intake of high-fat and high-calorie foods.

  While adhering to the above recipes, we must also take physical exercises seriously to increase the rate of fat burning. Many exercises can be used to lose weight, such as swimming, skipping, brisk walking, jogging, etc. It takes at least half an hour for exercise to be effective. After exercise, you need to stretch and knead the calf. Swimming for more than one hour a day can help you lose fat, strengthen your physique and improve immunity; skip rope for 30 minutes a day to promote the consumption of excess fat, reduce stored calories, and effectively lose weight.

Healthy weight loss

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