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Which aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise has the best weight loss effect?

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Which aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise has the best Weight loss effect

   The energy sources of human exercise are sugar, fat and protein. There are two ways of burning sugar in the body: with oxygen and without oxygen; the way of burning fat in the body is aerobic. The so-called oxygen is the energy supply method in which oxygen is involved. In other words, whether it is breathing or blood circulation, it must be able to transport oxygen to the required parts of the body (that is, the muscle part where you exercise). For low-intensity and continuous long-term exercise, the lungs have time to inhale oxygen, the heart has time to transport oxygen, and the muscles have time to use oxygen, so it is called aerobic (exercise). But if it is a high-intensity or extremely fast exercise, there is no time to take in, transmit and use oxygen, the human body will turn on the anaerobic energy supply mode, that is, when oxygen is not needed, sugar is used to anaerobic energy supply to the muscle At this time, the aerobic energy supply of sugar and fat drops drastically. This situation is called anaerobic (exercise).

   Summary: When the exercise intensity is low, the energy consumption is low, and oxygen has enough time to be transported to the tissue cells and help burn energy. Such exercise is aerobic exercise. Simply put, low-intensity, long-term exercises are basically aerobic exercises. For example: fast walking, jogging, long-distance slow swimming, slow cycling, etc. Aerobic exercise requires a lot of breathing air, which is a good exercise for the heart and lungs, and can enhance lung capacity and heart function.

   And when people are doing strenuous exercise, such as a 100-meter run, the breath of oxygen taken at the start is too late to reach the muscle cells to participate in the "burning" activity. In the process of using oxygen, there is a considerable time difference. This time difference determines the violent and short-term exercise, which becomes anaerobic exercise. For example, 100-meter sprinting, 200-meter sprinting, 100-meter swimming, and various powerlifting are all anaerobic exercises.

   Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism

   Aerobic metabolism is a slow but long-lasting energy supply system, the main fuel is carbohydrates and fats. At rest, the body has a continuous supply of oxygen to produce energy and maintain the basal metabolic rate. When we start to exercise, such as from sitting to walking around, our energy requirements increase, causing our breathing and heartbeat to increase slightly. Basically, what we can continue to exercise for more than three minutes depends on the aerobic energy supply system.

   When the exercise intensity increases to a certain level and the energy demand exceeds the supply capacity of the aerobic metabolic system, the anaerobic metabolic system starts to activate. Anaerobic metabolism can only use sugar as fuel, which is characterized by rapid energy supply but relatively low energy production. This is one of the reasons why we will be exhausted when we lift more than ten strokes. The biggest disadvantage of anaerobic metabolism is that the sugar is not fully "burned" and lactic acid is produced. The accumulation of lactic acid leads to a decrease in the pH of the muscle cell environment, which is another main reason for fatigue during high-intensity exercise.

   Anaerobic metabolic exercise generally cannot exceed two minutes. In many cases, it is necessary to take a break to restore physical strength and wait for the blood to take away the anaerobic metabolic waste before continuing to exercise. High-intensity interval training is an example of this.

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