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How to quickly lose weight 1 catty a day?

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How to lose a pound a day quickly?

   1. Three meals a day guaranteed

   Three meals a day must be nutritious for breakfast. Eggs, milk, and whole wheat bread can all be used as breakfast options. In addition, lunch must be rich, vegetables, meat, whole grains, etc. are all acceptable. But it is best not to eat pasta. Dinner is best eaten after six o'clock, so that there will be a lot of time for digestion and will not lead to obesity.

  2, drink plenty of water every day

   Guarantee to drink 8 glasses of water every day. In addition to drinking water, the Weight loss hospital experts also recommend that girls who lose weight drink more honey water. Honey water can detoxify and remove waste from the body, and has a good effect on the body and skin. When making honey water, be sure to use warm water, so as not to destroy the nutrition of honey.

   3. Use fruits and vegetables as snacks

  Although the weight-loss hospital experts like eating very much, in order to keep in shape, the weight-loss hospital experts never eat snacks when losing weight. They usually eat cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and other fruits when they are really hungry. Eating more fruits is not only healthy but also good for the skin. The Weight loss hospital experts also especially emphasized that if you lose weight, try not to eat after 8 o'clock in the evening. ①Eat apples between morning and lunch; ②Drink some fresh lemon soaking water after meal; ③Take pineapple as a staple food; ④Kiwi fruit juice can slim down; ⑤Eat grapefruit half an hour after dinner; ⑥Banana can be eaten with vegetables; Hawthorn is made into snacks; ⑧ dragon fruit can be juiced or salad; ⑨ strawberries and yogurt are eaten together; ⑩ oranges are matched with other meals.

   4. Avoid high-calorie beverages

   High-calorie drinks are enough to spoil your spring weight loss plan. Studies have shown that more than 20% of daily calories for many people come from beverages rather than food. The sports drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and other high-calorie drinks we usually drink are the enemies of weight loss. The human body is in an empty stomach state when we wake up in the morning. Therefore, energy must be supplemented. Eating breakfast is very particular. In order to better implement the weight loss plan, but keep yourself energetic, drink a cup of chocolate or orange juice, add a cup of yogurt, a fresh fruit, not only can meet the body's calorie needs, but also a good weight loss meal. Carbonated beverages: This type of beverage mainly contains sugar and blank calories, and belongs to the category of junk food. Carbonated drinks provide very few nutrients, such as vitamins and trace elements. Drinking more of this beverage will reduce your intake of fruits and vegetables. Juice: Juice contains vitamins and trace elements, but the number of calories per 100 ml is not low. It is recommended that dieters use fruit instead of juice. The cellulose and other nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables are irreplaceable by any fruit juice. Sports drinks: Sports drinks can replenish the salt, water and energy that the body loses during exercise, but at the same time it also contains a lot of calories. Often drinking sports drinks without exercise is not good for weight loss. This kind of drink does not provide many nutrients, but it has high calories.

   5. Don't stock up on snacks

   Many people have a good appetite after exercise and can eat more food. But you who lose weight should make good use of this time to lose weight. Take care of your own mouth to make exercises not in vain. If you feel hungry, you can eat low-fat or non-fat yogurt. You can also eat a small portion of food containing protein and carbohydrates. Half an hour before lunch is also a time to lose weight that cannot be missed. It is definitely one of the fastest tips for losing weight that many people will miss. Before lunch, you can eat biscuits made of whole grains, bread or sugar-free yogurt and fruit. These are easier to digest, and can relieve hunger and reduce your lunch intake. White-collar workers like to stock up snacks in the office. It's normal to eat a little when work is under pressure or when you need to take a break. But the fastest recipe for weight loss requires you to do a little bit of weight loss. Try to choose fruits or low-calorie foods. These can not only let you relax, but also meet your chewing needs, and most importantly, will not make you fat.

  6. ​​Keep away from alcohol

   MM who lose weight should pay attention, alcohol contains very high calories, a small glass of wine is enough to provide one-third of the calories a day. Each gram of alcohol contains 7 kilocalories, so to be aware of the negative effects of alcohol on your weight loss, it is best to avoid alcohol, which can reduce your calorie intake.

  7. Stay positive

   A positive attitude can make you more confident, and self-confidence is an important factor in helping you lose weight successfully. Keep a positive attitude when eating, so that you will be more in the mood to enjoy the delicious food slowly, and you can also control your appetite; and exercising with a relaxed and good attitude is positive and healthy, this positive attitude towards exercise It will make you more willing to exercise and help lose weight.

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