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9 tips for fast weight loss

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9 tips for fast Weight loss

   lose weight fast 1. Snacks before going to bed

   We are not kidding. In fact, eating something before going to bed can stimulate your metabolism. Low blood sugar lowers your physical strength and your metabolism. So you should eat 100 to 200 calorie snacks before going to bed to maintain your metabolism and burn calories while you sleep! Pay attention to choosing some healthy foods, one or two graham crackers, etc. Instead of junk food that you usually want to eat, you can't eat it!

   Fast Weight loss 2. Aerobic exercise

  Aerobic exercise plays a vital role in maintaining the level of metabolism. In an experiment, the researchers found that within 14 hours after 45 minutes of intense cycling exercise, the tester consumed 190 calories higher than the resting metabolic rate! 2 to 3 times a week for 45 minutes of intense exercise can help You increase your compound calorie consumption after exercise to achieve the effect of losing one pound in half a month.

   lose weight quickly 3. Relieve pressure

  Stress not only makes you crazy-it also reduces your metabolism. The culprit is the stress hormone cortisol: when its levels are too high, it inhibits the body's ability to burn fat. Take a few minutes to do deep breathing or do a set of soothing yoga to maintain your metabolic rate.

   Lose weight fast 4. Don’t ignore the meal

   You might think that skipping dinner can bring you a thinner waist, but it's the opposite. Ignoring meals can make the body mistakenly believe that it is not eating enough food, so it can store as many calories as possible every time it eats food. Maintaining blood sugar levels can ensure a normal metabolic rate, so you should maintain a frequency of 6 small meals a day to keep your body away from hunger.

   lose weight quickly 5. Exercise schedule

  Exercise does not cause fat loss due to a large amount of energy consumption-in fact, it stimulates metabolism by immediately changing your DNA, and achieves the purpose of maintaining exercise through your weekly exercise schedule.

   lose weight fast 6. Keep eating breakfast

   After a whole night of fasting, your body needs food supplements to speed up your metabolism. Skipping breakfast will reduce the body’s ability to burn fat because it needs to conserve energy. Therefore, in order to maintain the body’s high-speed metabolism, you should enjoy a healthy and rich breakfast within an hour of getting up.

   lose weight quickly 7. Short-term vigorous exercise

   No time? You can still burn 200 calories with enough exercise. Recent studies have shown that a short period of vigorous exercise (within 2 and a half minutes) can produce 200 calories per day after consumption. So, even if you don’t have time to do a full set of exercises, a few minutes of intense weight-loss exercise is much better than nothing!

   lose weight fast 8. Eat whole grains

   Fiber-rich whole-grain foods (compared to other foods with the same calorie content) make you feel full faster, making your stomach unable to fit other foods. At the same time, they require a larger amount of chewing. In theory, chewing can increase mouth movement (increasing calorie burn by 10%!) This can increase the thermic effect of food-we also burn calories when we eat and digest different foods . So you should add brown rice, barley, quinoa, oats and millet to your recipe.

   lose weight fast 9. Sprinkle some cinnamon

   This stomach-warming spice can be easily added to food, not only delicious but also can stimulate metabolism. Sprinkle a little bit on a whole slice of whole-wheat toast, in a bowl of oatmeal, or even in your soup.

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