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Fast weight loss method to lose 20 pounds a month

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Fast Weight loss method to lose 20 pounds a month

On the first day, 2 cups of water for breakfast, the first cup with small sips and the second cup with large sips. If you have constipation, you can add two teaspoons of honey to one of the cups (intestinal effect), one apple, one apple for lunch , An apple for dinner, if you really don’t like it, you can eat 2 apples. Please have boiled eggs for breakfast. They must be boiled, especially for picky eaters to eat the egg yolks. Boiled eggs can drive the peristalsis of the small intestine to reduce abdominal fat. Eating boiled eggs will not increase calories but will consume fat. It is definitely a food that will make you lose weight. Lose 8 pounds in five days, no rebound, no sequelae, the most suitable method for lazy people.

   Repeat the first day four days later. I lost 2 catties on the first day, 1 catty on the second day, 1 catty on the third day, 3 catties on the fourth day, and 1 catty on the fifth day.


   1. Don't eat anything except apples. Any excess food you eat in the past five days will release three times the calories of this thing and accumulate in your body. The poop may be green during this period. Don’t worry, you don’t have a terminal illness, it’s normal.

   2. Drink plenty of water and believe that you will never die from starvation

   3. Try not to do too strenuous exercises like climbing Mount Tai. You will faint

   4. The first day is the most painful, but believe me, you won’t feel a little hungry except the first day

   5. After losing weight on the fifth day, you can say goodbye to the evil apple.

   If you want to lose more weight, do a small massage on the waist and abdomen. The effect will be better. Very simple movements make your hands into the shape of eight, from the bottom of the chest to the crotch and from top to bottom. Do it hard for 10 minutes. It’s best to do it at that time. You can drink some water after doing it. Go to bed, it's also very smooth. This method seems to lose weight for a week, but in fact it is also losing weight during the second week of adjustment.

   In the second week, one egg a day in the morning at noon. Soy milk without sugar or eat boiled vegetables, preferably one of the four celery, winter melon, seaweed and spinach! One of the four! Do not eat at night, do not overeating.

   You lose eight catties in the first week, and you may lose another three catties in the second week. There will be no rebound. As long as you don't overeating, you will be fine. In this way, 10 is the lowest after 2 weeks, and good results can reach 15 to 18.

   If you want to lose weight more vigorously, you can implement it during your menstrual period.

   You can add a glass of honey water every day to replenish your energy. This is definitely not good for the body, but the author has also experimented, and there is really no adverse reaction. Even so, you must never take weight-loss drugs during your menstrual period. It will be uncomfortable for you. Don’t replace apples with other things. Of course, there’s a reason why you’re allowed to use apples. Apple’s calories are not too low to make you really hungry to death, and of course it’s not too high to make you suffer. The effect is not significant enough.

And letting you persist for 5 days is also a limit value that cannot be exceeded, because ours is the most effective Weight loss method, not a little effective weight loss method. When the author solemnly recommends it, I will definitely consider you very thoughtful, and after many trials, Only then did I dare to show my ugliness and let everyone feel the wonderful feeling of this easy weight loss. It is recommended to use it once every two months. Good habits are the way to lose weight.

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