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Can I lose weight quickly during lactation?

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Quick Weight loss Can you lose weight quickly during breastfeeding?

   Haste is not enough. Weight loss during breastfeeding cannot be rushed to achieve success. You must proceed step by step according to your physical recovery. This is very important for the health of both the mother and the baby. If you lose weight quickly, it may prolong your body's recovery and bring various sequelae to your mother's body. How to lose weight quickly during lactation? In fact, there is a golden period for postpartum weight loss, and you can follow the golden period to gradually progress, so weight loss during lactation can be twice the result with half the effort. Let's take a look at the prime time to lose weight during lactation:

   1. You cannot lose weight within one month after delivery. Generally speaking, one month after childbirth is the time for women to confinement. Confinement plays a very important role in women's health and is an important period for women to recover after childbirth. It is generally recommended not to lose weight immediately one month after delivery. But if the postpartum recovery is good, you can do some simple small exercises, such as sit-ups, according to the mother's own recovery.

  2, 6 weeks after delivery, you can start to lose weight according to your own situation. The amount of exercise should be determined according to your own capacity. At this time, it can also be matched with postpartum weight loss nutritional recipes to assist weight loss.

  3. Appropriate weight loss can be achieved 2 months after delivery. The confinement is generally completed from 2 months postpartum, and weight can be appropriately reduced.

  4, 4 months postpartum can increase weight loss. At 4 months postpartum, the body has basically recovered to the prenatal level. At this time, the amount of exercise can be increased appropriately, but the diet and nutrition should still keep up.

  5. 6 months postpartum is a critical period for weight loss. Persistence is the final victory. Continue to adhere to simple small exercises and perhaps already boring recipes to prevent rebound after weight loss.

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