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Lose weight fast What are the hazards of excessive dieting

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lose weight fast What are the hazards of excessive dieting

   Protein in the body is consumed

   When nutrient absorption is insufficient, the body will preferentially consume protein in the body instead of fat! Protein is usually not completely decomposed, resulting in free radicals! Free radicals are definitely the culprit of human diseases and aging.

   Everyone knows that the basic unit of the human body is the cell, and the main component of the cell is protein. Since protein is involved in every organ, when our high-quality protein intake is insufficient, it will affect the function of the entire body. The skin becomes dull, dull, and prone to aging (collagen loss); metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, and acne (enzymes and hormones are not fully produced); resistance is reduced (lack of antibodies); severe deficiency will cause edema (osmosis) The pressure cannot be adjusted).

   Diet causes a lack of protein, hinders the brain's intellectual development, and makes memory decline. If protein deficiency is severe, fatigue and deterioration of various physiological functions will occur, leading to muscle weakness and skin relaxation, and even edema due to the decrease of plasma concentration.

  The basal metabolic rate drops and becomes a physique prone to obesity

  Long-term dieting will cause our body to lack nutrients. In order to maintain normal life activities, the basal metabolic rate will be reduced. This is also the reason why dieting and Weight loss encounter bottlenecks.

   Very easy to rebound higher

   Everyone says that the more you lose, the more fat you get. The truth is this "effect" brought about by dieting. After reaching a bottle of energy that cannot be reduced, many MMs will give up on their own and begin to resume their normal diet. At this time, the fat cells are inhibited for a long time, just like a tight spring that restores its original elasticity, accelerating growth and expansion. Coupled with the poor basal metabolic rate due to dieting, fat has sprung up like bamboo shoots.

  Insufficient various vitamins

   Lack of vitamin A can easily cause gastrointestinal and urinary system infections, and even affect the reproductive system. Lack of vitamin B will reduce carbohydrate and fat metabolism, making it easy to be obese. Lack of vitamins will hinder the synthesis of collagen and affect the elasticity and luster of the skin. The body's detox function is impaired. The resistance is significantly reduced.


  Because of the lack of protein and trace element iron caused by diet, it is easy to suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Symptoms are pale skin, weakness, vertigo, tinnitus, and dizziness.

   cause irregular menstruation

   Dieting affects both menarche and normal menstrual cycle. In severe cases, it may cause amenorrhea and may cause dysplasia of reproductive organs.

   easy to fracture

  Women who are thin or over diet have less body fat and lack the buffering effect of fat when they fall, which is also a factor that is prone to fractures.

   affects memory

  The main driving force of brain work comes from fat, which can stimulate the brain, accelerate the brain's ability to process information, and enhance short-term and long-term memory. Those who over diet have insufficient body fat intake and storage, and lack of nutrition in the body. This lack of nutrition causes serious damage to brain cells, which will directly affect memory and become more and more forgetful.

   reduce personal libido

   If the carbohydrate intake is insufficient, the body will convert food, fat and protein in the body into energy for the body to use. Its metabolite ketone will accumulate in the blood, destroy the body's acid-base balance, and make people feel dizzy and headache. After a few weeks, the brain may adjust itself and temporarily use ketones as fuel, further causing the body's acid-base imbalance. Make people feel irritable, depressed, and have decreased libido

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