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How to lose weight quickly?

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How to lose weight quickly? This recipe loses 10 pounds a week!

  Preparation before Weight loss:

   1. You need enough sleep to help your body remove fat. People who go to bed late unless you can sleep for more than 12 hours the next day, otherwise you don’t want to lose weight.

2. When you feel hungry because you are losing weight, you should hold on when you are hungry. Don’t think of something delicious to imagine yourself losing weight to your target weight. If you see delicious food and want to eat it, think about how thin you might be if you don’t eat it. half a kilo!

  3. Depending on your metabolism, some people can lose 1 kilogram a day and some people 0.5 kilograms. If your weight before going to bed is the same as when you woke up that day, you will lose weight again when you wake up the next day!

   The weight you weighed the night before you started to lose weight is your weight before losing weight. Remember this number, get enough sleep the next day, and start revolutionizing your body!

   Method 1: Apple milk method to lose weight

   Within a week, first apple milk to lose weight for two days. On the third and fourth days, I resumed my normal diet. On the fifth and sixth days, I started to lose weight with milk and apple for 2 days. On the seventh day, I resumed my normal diet.

   In these two days of Weight loss with apple milk——

   The first day: Two catties of apples (about five or six, no more than seven).

   Note: You can only eat apples, no water, no yogurt, and no stuff! Only apples. Wash the apples when eating, and then slowly eat in small bites.

   The next day: 1000ml of yogurt or skimmed milk (less than four catties) is divided into six or seven equal portions, and drink one portion each time. Drink only milk throughout the day. Cannot eat anything else. Especially can't even drink water. You can only drink milk when you are thirsty. (You can also drink milk and yogurt at the same time, but pay attention to the amount)

   Weight loss results: depending on personal physique, you will generally lose 7-10 kg.

   Method 2: Apple, grapefruit, skimmed milk to lose weight

   Take unlimited skim milk, plus apple and grapefruit every day, for one week. You can take multivitamin tablets during this period to replenish physical strength.

   Whole body weight loss: full liquid weight loss method

   This is relatively simple. The only edible foods are liquid foods, such as water, skim milk or light chicken soup (with the chicken skin removed), no seasonings, and unlimited.

   This method is mainly to clean the stomach. The time limit is one week.

  Of course, what you lose at the beginning may be the water in your body, but people with better health can cooperate with some aerobic exercise every day. After two or three days, what you lose is the meat!

   Eight points of attention are related to dietary requirements:

   1. Try not to eat any fried food and greasy food as much as possible.

  2. Drink a large glass of water or light tea 20 minutes before a meal. Do not drink sweet drinks. Try not to eat snacks and desserts. If unavoidable, refuse any alcohol.

  3, breakfast is full, 70% full at noon, 50% full at night. Except for fruits and small cups of yogurt, no snacks are eaten between meals.

   4. Mainly eat more abundant ingredients, try to eat less food made of white rice and white noodles. It is best to replace rice with grains and bean porridge for dinner.

   5. Eat more than 1 catty of vegetables that are cooked with less oil a day. The more leafy vegetables are the better.

  6. ​​Put less oil when cooking, and make one or two delicious cold dishes and steamed dishes for each meal.

  7. Try not to eat staple foods that are added with oil, such as dumplings, pancakes, sesame seed cakes, pie, fried rice, etc. If you must eat this kind of food, eat it at breakfast.

  8. Eggs, milk, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, soy products, etc. can be eaten to avoid protein deficiency, but cooking methods such as steaming, stewing, boiled, and marinated should be used as much as possible to reduce the amount of cooking oil.

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