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How to keep your figure from getting fat

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How to keep your figure from getting fat

   1. Good living habits are the foundation

   has the ability to control food

  Greater China is rich in resources, facing the temptation of delicious food, we must hold onto it! Of course it’s not that we don’t eat, but we must have good self-control and know that enough is enough.

  Reasonable work and rest

  This work and rest, we are talking about sleeping habits, go to bed early and get up early, and ensure at least 8 hours of sleep every day. After all, the little fairy must have enough sleep, which can keep the skin shiny and help the body's metabolism. If the metabolism is normal, there will be no accumulation of waste in the body, and it will not be easy to gain weight.

   Give yourself a goal, exercise plan

  Life is more exciting because of dreams and pursuit of dreams. If you want to have a fit body, babies may wish to give themselves a goal first, and then work towards that goal. Step by step towards the supermodel figure

   2. Control your diet and develop good eating habits

  How to control daily calorie intake?

   Do not eat with eyes: Babies must be the same as KK. When eating, they will adhere to the principle of not wasting and join the CD action, rather than based on the feeling of fullness in the stomach, so that we will eat more easily. Don't use your eyes to check whether you have finished eating, but feel whether you are full according to your stomach.

   Eat more foods that are high in protein: the same calorie, more protein combination of foods makes people feel more full, hungry slower, and eat less at the next meal. Eggs, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, soy milk, milk, pork, beef and mutton are all high in protein.

   Slow down the chewing speed: People who eat slowly and chew usually eat less, eat more easily, and feel more satisfied after eating. Maintaining a meal time of 20 to 30 minutes allows your body to tell your brain that you are full. If you can't control it, then change the spoon. If you insist on it for a few days, you can develop a habit.

   What are the low-calorie foods that are good for Weight loss?

   1. Avocado (to remove excess cholesterol)

  2. Purple potato (low calorie, lower than sweet potato)

   3. Winter melon (inhibits the conversion of sugars in the body into fat.)

  4. Soybeans (burn excess fat~ but kill sperm, men should eat less)

  5. Yogurt (increase metabolism, balance intestinal probiotics, whiten skin)

   6. Use low-fat chicken, duck and fish instead of high-fat, high-calorie pork, mutton and beef

   3. Appropriate exercise is very important

  KK recommends a set of skinny legs and hips. Babies who are very demanding of themselves can exercise according to the mode of "doing 2 days and 1 day"; for babies with poorer self-discipline, keep them at least twice a week!

  1. Stovepipe hip lift first style

   Stovepipe hip lift first style

   Place of exertion: the back of the thigh. It is recommended to complete at least 10 sets on a single side, and to complete 20 sets as the goal.

   2. Stovepipe butt lift second style

   Stovepipe hip lift second style

   Places of exertion: abdomen and thighs. Pay attention to keep your toes facing up. It is recommended to complete at least 10 sets and progress to 20 sets. Take a break when you are done.

  3. Stovepipe hip lift third type

   Stovepipe hip lift third style

  This group of movements is very similar to the second group. The difference is that the last movement is toes up, this movement presents the feeling of pedaling on the ceiling, focusing on the exercise of the hips and hind thigh muscles.

  4. Stovepipe hip lift fourth style

   Stovepipe hip lift fourth style

   Bend the knees and lean forward slightly for about 30 degrees. At the same time, step on the towel or paper plate with one leg and extend it back. After completing the step, return to the starting position. It is recommended to complete at least 6-8 groups on a single side, and aim to complete 20 groups continuously on a single side.

   5. Stovepipe hip lift fifth style

   Stovepipe hip lift fifth style

This action is similar in logic to the previous set of actions. Step on the towel while extending the legs to the side. Use the strength of the outer thigh and buttocks to control the movement. When returning to the starting movement, use the inner buttocks and thighs. It is recommended that at least one side is at least Complete 6~8 groups, and aim for 20 groups. Change sides after finishing one side.

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