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A great way to lose weight fast

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A great way to lose weight fast

The pressure of urban white-collar workers is increasing. Is there any way to relieve yourself? If yoga and spa release the body and mind in a gentle way, then aerobic gymnastics, taekwondo and other sports can make people feel better. Complete the release during strenuous exercise. These sports have given urban white-collar workers another way to release their minds and bodies. Today we will understand what aerobic kickboxing is, as well as the requirements and benefits of kickboxing.

   Kickboxing is simple and easy to learn, and the body feels much more flexible after training. I think this exercise is very suitable for women who sit in the office regularly and do little exercise, especially women over 30 years old. Sitting there for a long time is easy to get a small belly. Fighting aerobics can effectively target the arms, waist and abdomen to exercise, so as to achieve the goal of Weight loss.

   The movements of aerobic kickboxing are simple and easy to learn. If calculated by practicing 2-3 times a week, the bodybuilder will experience obvious changes after one month. For example: strengthened joint mobility, muscle endurance, the body is no longer stiff; burns calories and increases muscle mass, thereby reducing weight.

Aerobic kickboxing originated from a fitness sport of taekwondo and boxing. It mixes boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves together. In the intense music, some basic boxing and kicking methods of boxing and taekwondo are performed. Exercise.

   In the process of punching and kicking, the bodybuilder swings his fists to the music. The action is vigorous and powerful, which can make the bodybuilder sweat as much as possible, and unknowingly lose the excess body fat.

Aerobic gymnastics pays attention to instant explosive power, sensory **, coupled with dynamic music, it was once called "man's dance", but women who are not willing to show weakness seem to integrate into this "man's dance" faster than men. Go in.

  Aerobic Boxing Exercise Requirements

   When jumping aerobics, pay attention to the exercise intensity of aerobics. If you experience leg fatigue, local pain-like discomfort, dizziness, and rapid heart rate, you should stop practicing immediately. If you notice muscle soreness, it is best to apply ice immediately.

   If office workers want to practice martial arts, they must protect their elbows, knees, ankles and other joints, protect their tendons and ligaments, and avoid strains. In addition, it is best to do a 10-minute warm-up exercise before exercise to relax the joints and muscles before starting to punch.

  Practicing aerobic kickboxing can eliminate personal feelings of inferiority and improve self-confidence and self-judgment.

   aerobic kickboxing requires bodybuilders to pay attention to the combination of speed and strength when stretching their fists and feet. Therefore, a complete section of aerobics will consume a lot of calories. For a person weighing 60 kg, one hour of aerobics can consume 600 calories, which is twice that of aerobics.

   aerobic kickboxing requires each movement to be swift and explosive. In addition, when practicing punching, the abdominal muscles are required to contract and roar, which can not only exercise the waist and abdominal muscles that are not easy to use at ordinary times.

   In addition to the long-term benefits, the most obvious thing about aerobic gymnastics is that it can vent anger and reduce stress in the short term. Imagine an imaginary enemy right in front of you. It may be a boss who has scolded you all day, or a colleague who doesn't cooperate with work. He punches, kicks, and vents his dissatisfaction. After an hour, the mood will be much easier.

At the same time, punching hard and yelling are also good ways to relieve emotions. Through this method, you can vent your emotions and reduce stress. After an hour, your mood will be much easier. Many people who skip "kickboxing" have this way. a feeling of.

   For modern people, aerobic kickboxing is a fun way to vent without hurting anyone-the bodybuilder does not fight with others, and does not need any equipment, but uses his body to face the mirror and throw his punches in the air. Just jumping for 15 to 20 minutes can make people sweat profusely.

   aerobic kickboxing has an instant explosive power, large limb extension, and a much larger amount of exercise than traditional aerobics. Therefore, it is very suitable for young people with excessive fat accumulation. It can be said that it is a very effective "slimming" exercise.

   It not only burns calories, helps lose weight, but also exercises various parts of the body to achieve the effect of bodybuilding. It is worth mentioning that almost all movements in aerobic kickboxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and strength, which can reduce fat on the waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders and back of the bodybuilder, and achieve the goal of slimming. Therefore, it is especially suitable for white-collar workers who sit for a long time and cause fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen.

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