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The 9 easiest ways to lose weight fast

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The 9 easiest ways to lose weight fast to make you lose weight quickly and easily

  The most important way to lose weight is to exercise more! Today, I recommend a set of Weight loss and waist thinning yoga exercises. Sticking to this set of exercises can make your waist curve perfect.

  1 Bend your knees and lie down on the mat, with your heels against your hips, naturally straighten your hands and place them on your side, with your fingertips resting on your heels.

   2 Push the hips and straighten up the thighs and upper half of the life. The lower legs are perpendicular to the ground, and the arms and head are attached to the ground to keep the posture still.

  3 Then slowly put your body down, turn over the King Kong seat and kneel on the mat, nodding your forehead, and relax your hands back naturally.

  4 After relaxing, raise your hips, take a big step forward with your left foot, keep your right foot on the ground with the back of your instep and knee, and place your hands on both sides of your left foot.

  5 The left arm is stretched straight up, the body stretches with the strength of the arm, and the eyes are looking at the finger end of the left hand. Then switch hands and feet to do the other side.

  6 Lie flat on the ground and relax, then push your heels out, naturally relax your hands on both sides and keep your palms down against the ground.

  7 Raise both hands and feet at the same time, and slightly raise the head along with the hands and feet, and focus on the toes. Pay attention to keep the heels kicked out, keep your hands and feet parallel.

  8 Turn over and lie down on the mat to relax your body, clasp your hands behind your body and clasp your fingers into a fist.

  9 The arms are stretched back, and the body and head follow the strength of the arms to stretch, and feel the stretch of the back and neck.

   Of course, you can also use morning exercises to lose weight. After waking up in the morning, do about 20 minutes of bare-hand exercises, which can invigorate you to meet the challenges of the day and maintain your youthful posture.

  Salt therapy is also a good choice for Weight loss. Wet the whole body with warm water, then coat the whole body with coarse salt, and then apply it to make the skin warm until the red appears. Generally, it takes 5-8 minutes, and then immersed in 38℃ warm water for 20 minutes.

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