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The fastest way to lose weight

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The fastest way to lose weight

   1. What you need to do before Weight loss

   The first thing is to refuse all junk food, especially potato chips and desserts. Then you can prepare a soft ruler for yourself and pay attention to the fluctuation of your weight at any time. You can also buy a pair of tight-fitting hot pants that you like but can’t fit and hang it in the room to inspire your determination and fighting spirit to lose weight! =

   refuse junk food

   1. Sort out all the snacks and give it away (better to those who don’t eat fat).

  2. Prepare a scale and a soft ruler for yourself, so that you can better supervise and encourage yourself. Sometimes the weight changes little, but the circumference changes greatly, which is also successful.

3. Try to collect some calorie tables of foods that you will eat frequently, so that you can better calculate your daily calorie intake. It is recommended that everyone's daily intake of calories should not exceed 1500 kcal. If possible, for your own sake Your health should not be less than 1200 kcal.

  4. Fatty is not about eating in one bite, let alone trying to get rid of the fat in a short time. An optimistic attitude is the most important thing in the process of Weight loss.

   5. Find a group of partners who are working hard on weight loss on the Internet or by your side, in order to better encourage and supervise you while spurring you through comparison.

   Okay, after doing these preparations, you can start to lose weight.

   2. Weight loss plan

   1. Drink a glass of warm water or honey water (500ML) every morning after getting up.

   2. It is recommended that everyone insist on exercising for more than 1 hour every day, and it is better to exercise 1 hour before meals. As for the sports items, you can determine by yourself according to your personal circumstances: jogging, skipping rope, cycling, brisk walking, hula hoop, etc. are all good sports exercise items.

   3. Stay away from fried foods.

   4. Within half an hour after a meal, be able to stand, not sit, be able to sit, and not lie down.

   5. Reward yourself at the right time. (Successfully complete this week's task within a week, reward yourself with a snack that you usually want to eat) This is a kind of reward for yourself!

   6. Cereals and milk must be taken every day.

  7. When encountering a plateau, you must stick to it to the end, and don't be shaken by a little doubt.

   8. Learn to like your body. Seeing that your body has begun to look like a good direction change, don't often complain about the fleshy and desperate.

  9. Foods that should be eaten more when losing weight: apples, pears, celery, cabbage, cucumber, bitter gourd, soybeans, tofu, soy milk, oats, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, low-fat milk, fish, beef, etc.

   10. Foods that should be eliminated when losing weight: sugar, chocolate chip cookies, french fries, ice cream, fried snacks, twice-cooked pork, fried dough sticks, biscuits, fried chicken legs, burgers, chicken nuggets, french fries, cola, etc.

   Three, maintain a good attitude

You must insist on losing weight, give yourself a looser goal, and lose 1-2 catties a week (the first one or two weeks of losing weight, either the weight has not changed much, or the weight is crazy. It depends on the individual's physique, anyway. Keep a calm mind, continue to persist), it can be a month, two months or even half a year, and slowly lose weight to your perfect state. Don't expect to swish like a drain in a week or two to lose weight.

   If your weight changes slowly, learn to encourage yourself. Women lose weight after the age of 25, no longer gaining weight is a success.

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