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Quick weight loss recipes, effective and healthy weight loss tips

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Quick Weight loss recipes, effective and Healthy weight loss tips

  NO.1 (egg milk + fruit vegetarian beauty method)

   1. A boiled egg for breakfast, a glass of milk, half an apple or some potato + ham + salad dressing

  2, Chinese food, a bowl of rice + vegetables

  3. Dinner is eaten at seven o’clock, which is similar to Chinese food, but only seven to eight minutes full is enough. After nine o’clock, you can’t eat anything, except for fruits.

  4. Drink a glass of juice before going to bed (you can squeeze lemon juice + water + two sour plums) (good taste, remember not to add sugar)

  5, with fitness exercise

   NO.2 (yogurt weight loss therapy)

   1. After getting up: two glasses of water

  2, breakfast: vegetable juice 200cc

   3. Chinese food: 500 grams of yogurt

   4. Dinner: 200cc vegetable juice

   5. Before going to bed: 1-2 cups of water

  NO.3 (apple meal)

   1. Breakfast: a bottle of milk (or coffee without sugar) + a boiled egg (or tea egg)

  2. Apples: starting from 12:00 noon, eat one apple every 2 hours until 8:00 in the evening, a total of five apples, eat for a day without eating apples.

  NO.4 (whole wheat bread + skimmed milk Western diet method)

  1. Morning: a piece of roasted whole-wheat toast, a hard-boiled egg, a cup of skimmed milk, a cup of tea (Diet Coke is also available)

  2, medium: a cup of skimmed milk, boiled tuna (equivalent chicken breast), boiled green vegetables, a fruit (guava or apple, tomato), a cup of tea (diet cola is also acceptable)

   3. Evening: The dinner menu is prepared by yourself, but starch and meat are forbidden

  Usually, you can lose 6kg in 5 days, but you should drink at least 2500-3000cc of water every day.

  NO.5 (honey diet)

   1. Day 1: Drink only honey (you can make tea)

  2, the second and third days: normal diet (but can’t eat and drink)

   3. Day 4: Drink only honey

  4, fifth and sixth day: normal diet

   usually lose 3-4 kg in a week, if you really can’t stand fasting, you can choose one meal a day and only drink honey

  NO.6 (Chinese medicine drink post weight loss method)

  1, cassia seeds 2 taels, fried hawthorn 3 yuan, tangerine peel 2 yuan, licorice 2 slices.

  2. Bring six bowls of water to a boil, then turn to low heat and cook for three minutes, then pour it out immediately to prevent the concoction from being absorbed by the residue.

  3. Take one post a day. If you have diarrhea, you can take it every other day.

   When taking this agent, you need to eat less sweets, fried foods and starches/fast 4 hours before going to bed/After you have reached your ideal weight, you can keep fat free as long as you fry cassia seeds and barley tea together.

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