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Quick weight loss tips 10 kinds of quick fat loss tips

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Quick Weight loss tips 10 kinds of quick fat loss tips

   1. Wipe Weight loss cream and belt

The editor here introduces you a slimming cream from Mahua Slimming Company. If you can’t buy it, you can use another brand. First, apply a hot towel to the abdomen, thighs and other areas where you want to lose weight. Wait a few minutes. After opening the pores, apply the slimming cream evenly until it is absorbed, and then wrap it with plastic wrap. After doing this, start skipping rope, about half an hour is appropriate, the effect is immediately visible.

  2, be vegetarian

   Believe that everyone’s heart is cold when you hear this. There are actually many benefits of being a vegetarian. It can lower blood cholesterol, blood lipids and uric acid, reduce the burden on the stomach, and reduce the accumulation of toxins. Plants, especially vegetables, contain vitamins, cellulose and water, and they contain little or no carbohydrates and fats. Monks are even better when they eat vegetarian food. This is scientifically based, but not for everyone. They are all suitable for vegetarians. Physical workers, athletes and children are not suitable! People who are suitable for vegetarians are family wives, elderly people and "three highs" fat people.

   3. Read more books and listen to music more

   Strange? Reading and listening to music can also lose weight! The answer is yes, reading and listening to music can distract and relax your nerves. It is recommended to listen to some classical music, and I recommend piano music by Li Yundi and Liszt.

  4. Replenish collagen

   Collagen is beneficial and harmless to the human body, and has a good effect on beauty. There are many collagens on the market now. I recommend a fancl collagen fruit-flavored drink for you here. It is good to drink one bottle a day with better conditions, or to drink bird’s nest with milk every day.

   5. Bigu therapy

   This is similar to the vegetarian diet mentioned above. Last year, I saw someone introducing Bigu Health on TV. I was very curious. Later, I read some related books to follow suit. The effect was great! This is a trick or it can be said to be a ruthless one. It means that people choose not to eat for a certain period of time and meditate more, similar to states such as sitting meditation and hibernation. At this time, I just drink water and eat a slice of watermelon and a slice of cucumber when I am hungry. After trying it several times, I found that one of the biggest benefits is that it can eliminate feces, reduce appetite, and make irritable mood peaceful. It seems that the ancients really have the foresight! However, this requires superhuman perseverance, and the time cannot be too long, 3 days a month, it is better to choose when you don't need to use your brain or work.

   6, more saunas and more

   This method works best after exercise. After exercise, the body cells are very active and the heat is dissipating. Go to a sauna to ensure that you are lighter by 2 catties! Sweat poison is also discharged. After steaming, sleep well. It turns out that a sauna can also treat insomnia! It's a multitude of things in one fell swoop!

  7. Supplement nutrients and health products

   This is too important. People who lose weight will lack nutrients. Don't lose their health just to lose weight. At the same time, I also pay attention to health preservation. The health products currently eaten include bird’s nest soft capsules, sheep placenta capsules, fish protein flakes, soy isoflavone tablets, grape seed oil, fruit and vegetable fiber tablets and multi-element tablets (21 Jinvita is good). It is very important to choose materials and processes that are natural, quality is guaranteed, and economic conditions are good, you can try. Eat every day and follow the instructions. Although I haven’t eaten much for a long time, my body, spirit, and skin are still very good! All thanks to the credit of eating these! I suggest you go to the drugstore to buy more. I recommend Taiwan Kang is the United States. A Youkang-Fruit and Vegetable Comprehensive Soft Capsule. Imported from Taiwan, 220 yuan a bottle.

   8. The knowledge of drinking water

   Drinking water is too important for weight loss. Drink as much warm water as possible. Warm water is good for renting the body's microcirculation and gastrointestinal motility, and accelerates the body's metabolic capacity. Do not drink ice water when you drink water.

   9. Drink plenty of soup and juice, and moderate amount of fruit

  General juices and soups are all homemade (it is written in the breakfast article). I highly recommend the red bean and barley boiled buckwheat kernels. When drinking tea, drink for a long time, and the skin becomes better! The method is very simple. According to the ratio of 1:1:1, it can be boiled to drink water and eat slag. Chixiaodou diuresis and eliminates edema, protects the kidney and detoxifies. The barley can also reduce swelling and can also beautify the skin. Buckwheat kernels contain a variety of vitamin B family and fiber.

   10. Reasonable exercise

   So I put sports behind, because I found that there are not many girls who love sports. Exercise is the second most important way to lose weight besides dieting. Swim once or twice a week, play badminton once or twice, climb a mountain once, and do yoga according to the method in the book for half an hour each time. And insist on walking more places where you can walk. Exercise, swimming is the first choice! The resistance of water is greater than that of air, and swimming consumes more calories than ordinary exercise. It can also increase lung capacity and beautify the body curve, making you not only thin, but also fit!

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