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What are the ways to lose weight quickly in winter?

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What are the ways to lose weight quickly in winter? Seven ways to teach you to be healthy

   1. Keep exercising for half an hour every day

   There are a lot of people exercising in winter. In fact, the winter Weight loss exercise is mainly aerobic. Jogging and fitness are good choices. Nowadays, many people are popular to go to the gym. This is also a good choice. Doing some strength training can not only lose weight but also shape your body. Usually, when you go to work or school, take one less bus stop, walk more, don’t take the elevator when you take the stairs, and take part in cycling, swimming and other sports on weekends.

   2. Control your diet

Everyone knows that obesity has a lot to do with diet, so if you want to lose weight, control your diet is the most important thing. If you don’t have a lot of time to exercise, or if you don’t want to work too hard, then hurry up and use diet to lose weight. . Obesity is because the calorie intake is greater than the calorie consumption. When eating, you should try to consume as little calories as possible. When your exercise calorie consumption is greater than your intake, you are losing weight, which is provided by your fat. Difference. In your daily diet, you should eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains (oats), soy products, meat intake generally choose fish, beef instead of fatty pork. Don't go on a diet, don't be hungry, just adjust your diet, after all, you are not very fat.

   3. Drink medlar soaked in water or boiled water every day

Lycium barbarum juice contains a variety of natural hydrophilic ingredients, such as heteropolysaccharides, polyols, vitamin C, and other ingredients. These ingredients can better keep you a lot of water in the intestines, so that the intestines can be moisturized. It does not cause constipation due to sleepiness and dryness, so it can play a laxative effect, and the carotenoids in wolfberry are also very good for eyesight. Therefore, wolfberry juice can not be drunk for a long time.

   Soaking medlar in white water every day can better clear away heat, detoxify, promote body fluid and improve eyesight, which will not only maintain health but also reduce oil and fat.

   4. Soak your feet to promote blood circulation

  In winter, many girls are prone to edema or lower body obesity due to asthenia. At this time, soaking your feet to lose weight is more appropriate, and you can also warm your body, as long as you soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes every day.

The principle of this method of Weight loss: At the very beginning, a warm feeling comes from the soles of your feet. After a few minutes, your body will feel hot and exhaled, and then the breath will circulate to every corner of the body with the blood, accumulating Old waste is excreted.

  basic method

   Prepare a large and deep bucket, based on the principle that the water level can reach more than half of the calf. What needs to be reminded is that you should not lay your feet diagonally because of the small size of the bucket, and should be able to lay flat and comfortably on the bottom of the bucket to prevent cramps. The soaking time is about half an hour. What if the water is cold? The water can be heated 1 to 2 times in between.

   Drink a glass of water before and after the foot bath to facilitate metabolism and replenish body fluids. Do not soak for 1 hour before and after meals, so as not to affect appetite or digestion. During sprain swelling, if there is a wound, do not soak to avoid wound inflammation.

   5. Lose weight

  Winter weight loss must first ensure the unobstructed blood. You can promote fat to keep it in a soft and easy-to-burn state. When you are here, you have to use the entire palm, not to hold it hard, but to use the strength of the strength to rub it back and forth. Especially it is more effective on hard muscles. Use half of your finger to grasp and pinch up to the second joint of your finger. After pulling the skin, moving the fingers with the feeling of pressing it is the point. Divide into small parts and move slowly. Suitable for loose or fatty parts. Twist ** Use both hands and use the power of the fingers of both hands. Use the thumb as the main force and the other fingers as the auxiliary force to twist left and right and the opposite direction. It is more suitable for parts with a lot of muscles and thick fat, which can be divided into small parts.

   6. Do more housework

In the winter, many people are reluctant to go out. They like to stay at home as soon as the holidays come. Don’t lose the opportunity to exercise at this time! You can use housework to achieve the fat-burning effect, washing dishes, mopping the floor, Do not let yourself lie lazily all day, do not move too much to promote blood circulation.

  How to lose weight in winter, many people worry about losing weight in winter, because in winter due to the colder weather, many people are reluctant to exercise and their appetite is greatly increased. The most effective way to lose weight in winter has been introduced above. Go ahead and try it!

   7. Eating hot pot skillfully

In winter, because the weather is relatively cold, many people prefer to eat hot pot. When hot pot is hot pot, it will be big fish and meat. You should eat "oil-free" food first, and wait until you are almost full before eating vegetables and so on "oil-absorbing". As a result, a lot of oil was eaten into the stomach. Experts remind that if you want to eat healthily during shabu-shabu, in addition to choosing the right soup base, first shabu vegetables and starchy foods, and save the oily meat for the last, which can also greatly reduce the fat intake.

Healthy weight loss

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