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Simple yoga moves, the slimming effect is visible!

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The easiest and quickest Weight loss yoga action, the Weight loss effect is visible!

   There are many movements and asanas in weight loss yoga, but before you start practicing yoga, you must practice and understand these five basic yoga movements. After practicing these five movements, the flexibility of the body will increase. If you stick to it for 20 to 30 minutes a day, you can see the weight loss effect.

  一.Tree style

   Tree pose can exercise one’s balance and help stretch the muscles of the arms, thighs and upper body, preventing the accumulation of upper body fat.

   1. Stand naturally, put your hands down on your side, and relax your shoulders.

  2. Bend and lift the right knee. Place the palm of your right foot on the half of your left thigh or knee with your hands. Stretch your hands to the sky and join together to keep breathing.

  3. Keep your legs moving, lower your hands to your chest, and exhale at the same time.

  二. Heroic

   Heroic pose can stretch the upper body and effectively reduce the fat on the legs.

   1. Separate the two legs back and forth about two shoulder widths, the left foot is in front, the right foot is behind, and the toes of the right foot are opened about 60 degrees. Put your hands down at your sides.

  2. Stretch your hands up, put your fingers together, put your palms together, and keep breathing.

  3. Exhale, bend the left knee at a 90-degree angle, with the thigh parallel to the ground.

  Three. Triangle

   1. Open the legs about one and a half shoulder width, the soles of the feet are at a 60-degree angle, and the hands are hanging down on your side

   2. Raise your arms to your shoulders sideways, inhale, and shake your upper body from side to side.

  3. Exhale, extend your right hand downwards until it touches the ankle, and at the same time extend your left arm upwards, look up at the tip of your left finger. Repeat the action on the other side in the same way.

 Four. Boat style

   1. Sit on the mat, straighten your waist, bring your legs together, bend your knees, place your feet flat on the ground, and place your hands on your side.

   2. Slightly push your hands toward the ground, raise your legs until your calves are parallel to the ground, straighten your instep, and lean back slightly.

  3. Lift your hands off the ground, straighten your arms and raise them parallel to your calves, palms down.

   Five. Crocodile

   1. Lie on your back with your legs close together, your back straight, your hands open, palms down on your side.

  2. Bend the right knee and raise the right leg, put the sole of the foot on the knee of the left leg, while pressing the outside of the knee of the right leg with the left hand.

  3. Inhale, press the right knee to the ground on the left with the left hand, and turn the head to the right at the same time.

  Some people are very lazy and don't want to get down while lying in bed, but they want to do some yoga exercises to lose weight. Here are some of the simplest yoga exercises to lose weight in bed!

   One, lean against the wall and raise your leg

   It’s best to straighten your legs against the wall so that they can be at a 90 degree angle to your body. You can put them down when they are numb. Otherwise, the numbness will continue to cause cramps. This trick is an effective way to deal with edema and varicose veins after standing for a long time during the day.

   Two, horizontal stretching method

   Spread your legs horizontally to both sides and leave it for about ten minutes.

   3. Scissor foot exercise

   Lying on the bed with face up, hands on both sides, palms facing down, feet straight and lifted, straighten them as hard as possible and open them to the outside and close together. When close together, the feet should be crossed as in the picture above, and the internal thigh muscles should be squeezed together. Doing it back and forth 30-50 times will be very tiring and effective. This trick can eliminate the internal fat that is difficult to lose weight on the thighs, and the internal muscles that are not often exercised will be stronger. The faster the legs open and close together, the better, but you must do what you can. You can slowly increase the speed and frequency to avoid injuries to your legs and waist.

  Four, air bikes

   Lie down on your side, raise your legs upwards, and try your best to move upwards, support your waist with your palms, keep your elbows bent at ninety degrees, and make a pedaling motion with your legs facing upwards.

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