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How can I lose weight quickly?

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How can I lose weight quickly? Focus on Weight loss, learn to eat and lose weight

   If you have a large weight base, the primary goal of losing weight is to lose excess fat and adjust your diet and physical condition. When the weight base is large, the weight changes are more obvious. Therefore, at this stage, you should pay more attention to the body numbers, weigh in morning and evening, measure the measurements, and record them. These numbers will provide a great impetus for the implementation of the diet plan, and also enable you to truly understand the impact of different dietary habits on weight.

   How to eat during the intensive Weight loss phase?

  ①Learn to eat diet food

   It is better to eat less than to eat right. The quality foods that are truly suitable for the body are those diet foods that can provide sufficient nutrition but will not bring additional burden to the body. Why do junk foods such as fried, sweets, and carbonated drinks make us fat? In addition to the caloric problem, the more important thing is that these foods produce a lot of unhelpful substances in the metabolic process, which leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body and ultimately affects the metabolic level. Get fat physique.

   Eat more vegetarian food

   Humans have become omnivores in the process of evolution. This is because protein and fat allow us to have more energy and survive the long path of evolution. But if you compare it with real carnivores, you will find that humans are not outstanding in metabolizing meat:

  1. The decomposition rate of plant protein is faster, and the human intestine is about 9 meters long, about 12 times that of the human trunk, and has enough time to absorb various nutrients in fruits and plants. On the contrary, the intestines of carnivores are shorter. The length of the intestines of tigers is only about 3 times that of the trunk. It can quickly excrete by-products in animal protein, but cannot absorb plant eggs well.

   2. The gastric acid concentration of humans is much lower than that of carnivores. The gastric acid concentration of carnivores is very high, generally at least 10 times higher than that of humans, and can quickly decompose high-concentration protein.

   3. Uric acid is a by-product of animal protein metabolism. Human kidneys have a low tolerance to uric acid, while the liver of carnivorous animals such as tigers contains uric acid, which has 15 times the ability to decompose animal protein.

   Therefore, compared to meat, vegetarian food is a high-quality food that better suits the human body's needs and metabolic capacity. Eating more vegetarian food when losing weight can not only reduce calorie intake, but also adjust the body to a more weight-loss state and improve the efficiency of weight loss.

  ②The correct eating principle

   Pay attention to the order of diet, eat fruit first, then dinner

   The principle of eating fruit first is the same as drinking water first, which can reduce body hunger and avoid overeating during dinner. But compared to pure drinking water, fruits are rich in cellulose and a variety of nutrients, and the satiety effect and satiety time are better. After eating the fruit, rest for 20 minutes before eating the main meal, which can also warm up the digestion and metabolism function and improve the body's ability to metabolize the main meal.

   When eating a regular meal, follow the principle of "from light to heavy", first eat light-tasting, low-calorie vegetables, and slowly transition to heavy-tasting, relatively high-calorie protein or staple foods, virtually reducing calorie intake.

The principle of weight loss based on the    diet method is still controversial, but Kimberly believes that separate intake of carbohydrates and protein is beneficial to reduce the accumulation of toxins and reduce the metabolic burden. Therefore, although she does not advocate a single diet, she recommends that we separate carbohydrates and protein in the three meals, and protein is best eaten at dinner.

   Pay attention to the amount of diet, don’t eat if you’re hungry

   Another key point of the weight loss diet is to eliminate hunger and refusal to eat. Instead of strictly counting calories for each meal and lighting up the digital red light to create pressure for yourself, it is better to listen to the voice of your body's needs and establish an orderly eating rhythm.

   Put an end to hunger: Split the total amount of the day into multiple portions, replenish energy in time, avoid the body incarnation "hell mode", and store energy at any time to cause fat accumulation.

   Refusal to eat up: The main meal is 6-7 minutes full, and the snack time between main meals can be eaten until the hunger disappears. With careful execution, the "spoiled" stomach space will naturally return to normal.

Healthy weight loss

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