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What are the ten small coup methods for weight loss Daquan

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What are the ten small coup methods for Weight loss Daquan
   1. Find your favorite healthy food
   Weight loss er knows that a healthy diet is very important for weight loss, but a salad is really impossible!
   I suggest you go to the market to find those healthy foods you love, and then make a table.
   After going to the market, buy more healthy foods you like.
   2. Don't be distracted while eating
   Be attentive when eating, and don’t look at the computer or TV while watching the video while eating.
   It takes 20 minutes for the brain to feel full. If you are not paying attention, it is easy to not know when you are full.
   also said that if you eat while watching the video, you will only make yourself eat more.
   She advises everyone to stop eating "appropriately". It's about six to seven minutes full, which will make it easy for you to maintain your weight.
   3. Use a smaller plate
   This method has been used since college.
  The reason is very simple. People are generally used to filling plates.
   Even if the small plate is full of food, the amount is not too big, so you can better control the amount of food you eat.
   4. Prepare a kettle
   This suggestion is omnipotent. Many times you feel hungry and want to eat because your body is not hydrated enough! Lack of water makes you hungry more easily.
   When I want to eat potato chip snacks, I drink half a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. If I am still hungry, I will eat snacks.
   5. Don't omit any meal
  Stroke the point! Especially breakfast, the consequences of skipping breakfast are very serious. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it can stimulate the metabolism. If you skip breakfast, you will eat more at the next meal.
   Now she eats three meals a day. In fact, four or five meals are okay, but she finds it too tired.
   She uses carbohydrates for breakfast; bribes herself a little for lunch; she does not eat refined food for dinner, but eats more vegetables and protein.
   6. Less restaurants and no takeout
   Those healthy and delicious dishes in the restaurant, you never know what is added. There may be a list of ingredients, but you will not know the amount of oil, MSG and various sauces added.
   So, try to cook at home as much as possible. You don’t need much cooking skills, just two or three dishes are enough.
   If you are forced to go to a restaurant, you can try to balance your meal, follow the "two dishes" principle, and choose appetizer + dinner, or dinner + dessert.
   7. Reduce alcohol intake
   I like to drink when my weight is peak. The calories of alcohol are very high, and every time I drink alcohol, I have to go with a variety of snacks.
   Now I only drink once a week, and only drink a small glass each time.
   8. Don't put snacks at home
   If there are snacks at home, I can’t help but eat them. So simply refuse the temptation not to buy snacks at home. If you really want to eat it, go out and buy it instead of online shopping.
   9. Keep exercising
   Exercise 5 times a week when losing fat, and now I exercise 3 times a week during the shaping phase. Only by finding a sport that you can accept can you stick to it better.
  10. Find the motivation to persist
   said that exercise can not only help her lose weight but also help her to mediate her emotions. In the past, she often felt irritable and anxious, but after exercising, she didn't often feel that way.
   So you must find that goal, maybe it's health or regulating your mood. These can all be the motivation for you to stick to it. Once you have a sense of purpose, sticking to it will be easier.
   Finally, the most important purpose of losing weight is to lead a healthy life. The most valuable thing is to develop good habits.

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