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Fast weight loss, the top five super efficient weight loss methods

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Fast Weight loss, the top five super efficient Weight loss methods

   Ultra-efficient weight loss method 1. California star weight loss method

   This kind of fast weight loss method is suitable for the crowd: all people who have good wishes for their body. lose weight in this way: California star weight loss method is a fast weight loss method highly recommended by most weight loss experts. This kind of weight loss method requires everyone to abandon all unhealthy and unreasonable weight loss concepts, such as dieting, crazy exercise, etc., adopt a healthy and reasonable diet to lose weight and perform some low- or medium-intensity intermittent exercises.

   Ultra-efficient weight loss method 2. Diet conditioning

   This kind of fast weight loss method is suitable for the crowd: all people who have good wishes for their body. Weight loss in this way: 1. Eat small meals and eat more meals: Divide the three meals a day into five or six small meals to prevent overeating. Each time an apple or a banana is considered a small meal. 2. Pay attention to carbohydrate intake: Eat as many whole grain foods as fruits, vegetables, brown rice and oats. They are rich in natural dietary fiber, which can stabilize blood sugar very well, and the instability of blood sugar is one of the main reasons for obesity.

3. Reduce the intake of saturated fat: If you want to lose weight quickly, you must give priority to foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as deep-sea fish, nuts, olive oil, and eat less foods containing saturated fat, such as beef, pork, lard, and butter , Milk and cheese, etc. 4. Replace snacks such as potato chips with nuts: Nuts can not only relieve gluttony, but also make you lose weight more easily. 5. Don't eat too many low-fat "weight-loss foods": Because low-fat does not mean that it has low carbohydrates.

   Super efficient weight loss method Three, Pilates

   This kind of fast weight loss method is suitable for the crowd: computer people with backaches, and beauties with "life buoys" on their waists. This fast weight loss method consumes about 200 kilocalories per hour. Pilates is currently one of the most popular and fashionable fitness programs.

   Weight loss like this: the movements are slow and clear, and each posture must be coordinated with the breathing, combining the flexibility of the East and the fortitude of the West. By exercising the core parts of the body (the waist and abdominal muscles, including the transverse abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique, rectus abdominis, erector spinae), the spine becomes soft and resilient, which not only makes the body The lines are more slender, and it has a good effect on correcting the neck and spinal cord. Pilates emphasizes the control process at rest, among which light equipment exercises follow the principle of small weight and multiple times, so that the muscles are full of elasticity without becoming too prominent. Its exercise intensity is not very high, but it pays attention to control, stretching and breathing, especially for the "swimming ring" of the waist and abdomen, large hips and other key female parts, it has a very good shaping effect.

   Ultra-efficient weight loss method IV. Hot yoga

   This kind of fast weight loss method is suitable for the crowd: long-term sitting in the office, dull complexion, poor sleep quality, and often feel tired and puffy mm. Calories consumed per hour: 400-500 kcal. Bikram yoga was founded by Indian yoga **bikam choudhury and his wife, and later spread to Europe and the United States and became popular. In addition to improving the traditional yoga movements, hot yoga also needs to complete 26 fixed postures within 60 minutes (or 90 minutes) with the indoor temperature of 38°C to 42°C and a strict ventilation system. Yoga** believes that practicing yoga when the body is not hot is easy to be injured. This is like heating a piece of iron and you can easily change its shape with a hammer. Iron without heating is also difficult to use a hammer. Let it change shape.

   Weight loss like this: 26 stretching exercises are scientifically arranged according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons, including lying, standing and sitting cross-legged. Through temperature and speed exercises throughout the process, the lymphatic system is absorbed, so that the human body’s perspiration is several times more than usual. The excess fat and waste in the body will be excreted with the sweat, and the effects of detoxification and fat burning are surprising. It has a good weight loss effect on obesity caused by the accumulation of tissue cells, and the body shaping effect is also obvious. Moreover, this group of static movements of twisting, bending and stretching can directly mobilize the nerve and muscular system, improve the softness of the spine, and make the muscle lines longer and firmer.

   Ultra-efficient weight loss method V. Body ballet

   This kind of fast weight loss method is suitable for the crowd: mm who want to cultivate their noble temperament and make their body more slender and well-proportioned. Energy consumption per hour: about 200 kcal. Ballet originated in Italy and flourished in France, so the word "ballet" was originally the English translation of French "ballet", and its etymology was Italian "balletto", which means "jump" or "dance". The fast weight loss law of body ballet is a fitness dance extended from ballet. Although it is not a professional ballet training, you will feel as light as an elf, holy as ice and snow, and soothing like a clear stream. It can Teach you how to integrate the unique elegance of ballet into your life.

Weight loss in this way: From a kinematic point of view, ballet is an anaerobic exercise. The three elements of "open, jump, and straight" have the function of contracting muscle fibers, so that people can effectively consume excess fat and shape in a combination of dynamic and static exercises. Physique. Each of its movements is designed to combine movement and static, control the body from the inside out, stretch the ligaments, eliminate fat, and make the body more flexible and upright. By adjusting breathing and controlling the direction of body muscles, the effect of rapid weight loss and body shape correction can be achieved

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