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Fast weight loss method

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How to lose weight fast how to lose weight fast

   Actually, there are not too many things to pay attention to in terms of habits and work rest, just to develop good work and rest habits.

   1. Don't cross your legs. Not to mention that it is a bad habit to cross your legs. Of course, some people like it, and we can't say anything about it. But it's a stovepipe killer. I mean, do you want to consider not crossing your legs anymore. Why? In fact, people who often cross the Erlang's legs will know that the Erlang's legs are particularly easy to cause blood circulation in the legs and often numb legs. According to the above, it is extremely detrimental to the stovepipe. In addition, crossing the Erlang's legs can cause deformation of the pelvis, and over time can cause varicose veins. Regardless of whether you care about the stovepipe, it is great to get rid of this bad habit!

  2, don't stay up late. Some people say that staying up late is a race against youth, but they don't know whether this is at least twice the price of youth. Let alone the beauty of work, rest, or return to the topic. The lack of sleep caused by staying up late will slow down the metabolism, so that the garbage and toxins in the body cannot be discharged in time and effectively. This will not only affect the physical fitness, complexion, but also easily produce edema. So it's better not to stay up late. Weight loss is inseparable from exercise. The two parts mentioned above are just the basis for us to lose weight effectively and quickly.

   Let’s talk about how to do small movements and exercises to effectively slim down your legs.

   1. Raise your legs high. This is ten to twenty minutes of exercise in the morning and evening. The time seems short, but it is a simple and effective way to thin legs. Specific: Stand up straight, and then lift your legs as far as possible to make your thighs more than ninety degrees. The speed depends on your personal situation. One group per minute, usually at least twenty to thirty times in one group; rest for one minute and continue. When resting, you can use your hands to stretch your leg muscles to relax them.

  2, raise your leg sideways. It's still morning and evening exercise, ten to twenty minutes. This can be done on the bed or on the sofa. Specific: Lie on your side, straighten your legs, raise the upper leg, keep it straight, and raise it up, generally as far as possible to exceed seventy degrees, and strive to be perpendicular to the bed. One group for one minute, rest for 30 seconds and continue. After a long time, you can try to keep your legs too high and extend the time of each group. After completing the five sets, switch to the other leg to continue. This can make the legs have a nice line. It is recommended to have at least two or three minutes of ** after finishing.

   3. Raise your legs. Specifically: Lie on your back on a bed or sofa, then cross your ankles, bend your knees, and put your hands under your hips at the same time. Then raise your legs and straighten them so that the legs are perpendicular to the upper body. Twenty times per group, three groups per day.

   4. Kick. This is actually the same as the second point, one is lying on the side and the other is standing. Also, this can be kicked back and forth, which is suitable for doing together with the first point.

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