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Healthy weight loss recipes, effective and fast

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Healthy weight loss Recipes Collection Effective and Fast Weight loss Recipes

   Weight loss recipe 1:

  Breakfast: a bowl of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, one egg

   Chinese food Fermented bean curd and water spinach, preserved egg mixed with tofu, vinegar cooked mung bean sprouts, half a bowl of rice

  Dinner Stir-fried sesame seeds, dried shrimps and winter melon, yuba mixed with cucumber, a small bowl of red bean porridge

   Weight Loss Recipe 2:

  Breakfast A bowl of red bean and rice porridge, a refreshing side dish (cucumber, carrot, celery plus boiled spiced peanuts), 1 longan or jujube

   Chinese food scrambled eggs with tomatoes, celery with fungus, fried lettuce, half bowl of rice

   dinner, spinach, pork blood, tofu soup, fried potato shreds, cold cabbage heart

   Weight Loss Recipe Three:

  Breakfast, soy tofu, steamed custard, half a steamed bun

  Chinese food Cold broccoli, steamed fish, green pepper and winter bamboo shoots, half a bowl of rice

   dinner cold green bamboo shoots, mapo tofu, hot and sour lotus root slices, a bowl of millet porridge

   Weight Loss Recipe 4:

  Breakfast, pumpkin, wolfberry rice porridge, fried eggs, assorted kimchi

   Chinese food Braised beef, cold spinach, vegetable kale, half a steamed bun

  Dinner Winter melon pork ribs soup, carrots, green peppers and potato shreds, cold tomato sauce

   Weight Loss Recipe Five:

   breakfast One steamed waxy corn, one poached egg, a glass of milk

   Chinese food Beef noodles with tomatoes (only half of the noodles), cold seaweed and carrots

  Dinner Bean Miao Fish Ball Soup, Vegetarian Fried Loofah, 1 piece of roasted sweet potato

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