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Encyclopedia of fast weight loss methods

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Quick Weight loss method Daquan lazy MM one day quick Weight loss method

   early morning: drink a cup of warm water to clear the stomach

   Get up early in the morning and drink a large glass of warm water before eating a rich breakfast. This will help promote bowel movements and make you feel like a bowel movement. You can clean the large intestine once, and the belly is of course no longer proud. Many celebrities follow this trick to drink the water KeepFit method, and the weight loss success index is extremely high!

   Lunch time: Drink water before meals to reduce food intake

  Try to drink a glass of water as much as possible before each meal. Firstly, you can fill the rumbling five internal organs temple and reduce the amount of diet; secondly, it can replenish the water needed by the body and accelerate the metabolism. If you are afraid of being embarrassed by someone discovering that you are losing weight by drinking water, you can drink water while eating to distract people, and it can slow down the eating speed and make fullness appear faster.

   water contains no calories, and at the same time it produces a feeling of fullness, so the diet will be reduced. At the same time, it can clear the swelling before menstruation. When drinking cold water, it can also help burn calories in the body because the intestines and stomach heat the cold water.

   Afternoon Tea Time: Smell the flowers and quit snacks

As soon as I got an appetite, I took out snacks. Potato chips, cookies, sodas, etc. are fattening foods. The calories of an afternoon tea are higher than a lunch! Sisters who don’t have enough self-control, may wish to sit in the office. Spray some floral spray around to suppress appetite.

  Dinner time: drink water to lose weight

   It’s unhealthy to lose 10 catties a month and only drink water to lose weight. The correct way to lose weight is to consume protein and vegetables to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugars, and chew slowly. Both beer and spirits may increase cortisone in the body, a hormone that transfers fat to the abdomen. When drinking, they also tend to eat more food.

Healthy weight loss

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